Friday, May 25, 2007

Tea & Roses

Love roses? Me, too! I have various linens, tea towels, tea sets (of course), Christmas ornaments, journals, jewelry and lots of fabric (thank you, Heritage Quilts!) with beautiful designs of roses on them, and I can never seem to get enough of this lovely flower.

And while my favorite color is pink, this spring I've had the pleasure of discovering I actually like all the brightly colored roses planted by previous owners of my home. Because DH and I bought our house after the prime blooming season last year, I never knew what color these blossoms would be until they started blooming this spring. Deep reds, yellows, coral and a very pretty, ruffledy hot pink ... all just beautiful. (The vintage pitcher was a b'day gift from my friend Holly, and the perfect container!)

I even like the flavor of roses. If any of you are bargain shoppers like me and come across some Elizabethan Rose Petal and Quince Jelly, grab it and enjoy it! I love the stuff on scones, but I don't see it in stores anymore, and I'm too cheap to spend $10 online for shipping for a $6-7 jar of jelly. I do, however, still have some Rose Congou (china black) tea, a perfect blend to sip while enjoying roses.

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