Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cold-brewed tea

A summer or two ago, I discovered the delights of cold-brewed tea. When the weather heats up, who, really, wants to slave over a hot stove? I was surprised to learn that you can place teabags, or even loose tea leaves, in a pitcher of water in the fridge overnight, and in the morning voila, you have nice, flavorful tea! I've tried this with fruity teabags (mango is particularly nice) and, more recently, with a half tin of looseleaf English Breakfast Tea that was getting a little age on it. Cold-brewed, it is just yummy, and perfect for enjoying in a nice, tall glass filled with ice and a little sweetener. If you've never made cold-brewed tea, you really might give it a try. (This one is Angel Falls Mist, a strawberry and lemon herbal blend, good if you're looking for a nice caffeine-free tea.)

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