Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Some lovely surprises from my tea friends

This time last week, I was preparing to head up to Woodstock, Georgia, to meet up with my friend Phyllis and her group of traveling tea friends. I loved being able to enjoy afternoon tea with them all and see Phyllis, my longtime blogger friend, and her friend Lori from Michigan, whom I'd also had the pleasure of meeting before. To my great surprise, the two of them gifted me and the other two Georgia visitors to the group with these lovely Gracie China teacups from the Tea Leave and Thyme gift shop!

I love-love-love scalloped teacups and saucers but don't have very many of them, so I was especially thrilled to add this lovely set to my teacup collection!

And in yet another surprise, Teresa from Ohio gifted me with this delightful tea towel and mints from the Buckeye State! I will remember her and our teatime together oh-so-fondly as I pop these peppermints and enjoy using the clever new vintage-style tea towel, two terrific reminders of that lovely afternoon of tea with friends old and new!


  1. I am still in the thrall of our gathering. So wonderful to have met you Angela!!

    1. And I hope our Georgia group can meet again sometime since we’re all within easy driving distance of ATL!

  2. Well said, and I echo your sentiments!

  3. What lovely, thoughtful gifts for a tea lover. How fun to connect with them over afternoon tea.

  4. I love that tea cup and scalloped saucer--it has such a lovely, delicate pattern. The Ohio gifts are cute, too. You have nice friends!
    --from Vernona in DC

  5. My apologies if this posts twice - my computer is acting wonky - what a sweet and thoughtful thing to do!

  6. It was a trip highlight being able to have tea with you and to meet Joy and Angela Renals.


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