Monday, February 19, 2018

Some new shopping buddies!

Most of the time if I write about any weekend tea finds, you'll hear me mention that Aunt Jane is my regular shopping buddy. Once in a while, my youngest niece, Amelia, joins us. This weekend, however, it was my middle niece, Cari, and my sister's youngest child, nephew Matthew, who joined Aunt Jane and me. We had a great time together, and all of us came home with some fun new finds, including the tea and chintzware carafe here.

First we went to the mall in Douglasville, where the good news is that the Hallmark shop's tea I'd had my eye on was 75 percent off. Made for Hallmark Gold Crown, the Crafters & Co. tea was the organic Black Cinnamon flavor, and I believe it's the first tea I've seen with a pull-top can.

The bad news is that the tea wasn't very good. It tasted weak and not very appetizing, but perhaps it was simply old. That's not good, but the really bad news is that the Hallmark shop itself is going out of business! The one in my town closed a few years ago, and now one at a mall can't survive? I'm a little nervous about where I'll get my Hallmark Christmas ornaments for all the children in our family this year, but I guess there's always (Right?) I'm curious how many of you have a Hallmark store near you. Very many of you?

After we ate lunch at Chick-fil-A and finished up at the mall, Cari asked if I would *mind* going to a new antique mall nearby so she could look for vintage clothes. (Are you finished laughing yet?) Of course, good aunt that I am, I obliged. And to my surprise, I came upon something I'd been looking for but didn't expect to find anytime soon, a new carafe. I'd been looking for a simple water carafe for my bedside table, but the only ones I found online didn't appeal to me at all. This one, chintz and just $11.50, will do quite nicely!

Cari, by the way, bought a lovely pink vintage gown. She explained to me that she just loves all things vintage, and I was surprised (but delighted) to learn that my niece shares my love for old stuff, including this carriage at the entrance to Ben's Antiques.

And just in case I need to taunt him with it at his rehearsal dinner one day, here's a picture of me and Matthew. What a fun Saturday!


  1. How wonderful that your niece shares your (our) love of vintage, and that your found such a pretty carafe! And what fun that your nephew went along on the shopping trip. I'm sorry to hear that your Hallmark store is closing, though. We do have a nice Hallmark store in our small town, that seems to be doing well, I surely hope it will continue to stay open!

  2. I had 3 Hallmark stores throughout my area and loved to visit all of them. In the last few years, all 3 closed and it was very disappointing. I don't understand why this is happening because the stores were always busy when I was in them. One even had a great book store within the Hallmark store and it was wonderful to visit and, of course, spend money.

  3. What fun shopping with your niece and nephew as well as your Aunt Jane! And that really IS a very pretty carafe. Unfortunately there is no Hallmark store in Washington, DC, or nearby Virginia, where I used to shop at two different ones. I love to send cards to family and friends, and it is getting harder to find nice ones.--from Vernona in DC

  4. Such a pretty chintzware carafe and at a good price! We've had several Hallmark stores over the years in Tyler (Texas). They had all closed, but a new mall was built a couple of years ago and there's one in it. Hopefully, it will survive.

  5. We used to have lots of Hallmark stores. Now we are down to 1. Glad you all had a fun day.

  6. Our Hallmark closed about 5 years ago....sad. Love your carafe! And how nice to have such special shopping buddies...and vintage lovers too! Life is good!

  7. How fun to have shopping buddies. Love the chintz carafe. My Hallmark has closed also.


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