Wednesday, February 21, 2018

A teacup toast to two queens!

Sometimes I wonder why I pay for cable TV, because there's not much on it I care to watch anymore. This winter, however, I finally caved and subscribed to Netflix, so in addition to PBS's "Victoria," I've also been enjoying "The Crown," and naturally I had to order the companion books that go with each series. 

I love history, and I realize the dramas are not 100 percent true to life, so I enjoy having these books to consult after each episode. I also have a designated teacup for sipping during each show. Is that silly? For "The Crown," the obvious choice was this teacup from Paragon, issued to commemorate the 1953 coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

On a recent episode of "Victoria," I was sorry to learn that a storyline about Victoria and Albert getting lost in Scotland and seeking refuge in a poor couple's shack was not based on anything recorded. Wouldn't it be fun to think the two showed up like common beggars and requested a night's stay? Still, it's a fun show, and the designated teacup for viewing it is this one I bought at Windsor Castle, the teacup's pattern having come from a Minton dessert stand purchased by Queen Victoria at The Great Exhibition in 1851. Are any of you also watching and/or reading about Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth? Are you taking note of all those great tea scenes (and tea sets) as I am?


  1. Morning!
    Be warned. The Crown gets really vulgar in season 2. Cursing, nudity, and sex scenes. I watched the first season- no problem. Eagerly awaited the second. YIKES! I didn't finish it, to say the least.
    I'll never understand why people think you have to turn a great show into something that doesn't enhance it one little bit.
    Shari in Columbus, GA

    1. Oh no! Why would they do that? Thanks for the warning!

  2. I don't have Netflix and I haven't watched Victoria, although I'd probably enjoy it if I did. But I LOVE your choice of teacups for each show!

  3. I have been enjoying Victoria for the past 2 seasons. Wonderful. The Scotland episode is authentic.

  4. I have been enjoying both series! Yes, Netflix has some wonderful British programs. The movie The Man Who Invented Christmas will be out in March. If you didn’t see it at the theater, it is great. Dan Stevens, Downton’s Mathew, is perfect as Charles Dickens. Also, if you haven’t seen the first Paddington it is available. Paddington 2 is just as good!! Love the teacups!

  5. Oh yes, I love both shows! I just wish there were more shows on tv like the ones on Masterpiece Theater. I can't wait for the season finale of Victoria for the Christmas scenes. Thanks to Prince Albert for introducing the Christmas tree to us all! Your teacups are especially beautiful. I think it's fun to have special cups for different events. Susan K.

  6. Have watched The Crown on Netflix and Victoria on Masterpiece Theatre. Also on Netflix is The Young Victoria. Enjoyed them all.

  7. Those two teacups are beautiful, especially the one with the roses and thistles and the "ER II" inside (I love cups with designs on the inside). And I like your idea of having "designated teacups" for particular shows! I don't wtch much TV and don't have cable or Netflix, but I DO love to read history and have read biographies of both Victoria and Elizabeth I (yet), but not Elizabeth II (although I did buy a long bio of Prince Charles that is awaiting my attention). I did see the movie "The Young Victoria" when it came out in theaters a few years ago, and I enjoyed it very much. The music in it is particularly nice.
    --from Vernona in DC

  8. I'm enjoying both series too, and your teacups to sip from while watching the episodes are beautiful. I don't have the Crown companion book. I may have to remedy that! ;-)

  9. We turned off our cable and so far have had good luck watching things online.

  10. I have thoroughly enjoyed both series. Love the teacup too.


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