Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Republic of Tea's Raspberry Leaf Tea For Women's Health

Republic of Tea recently got in touch with an offer for me to sample one of their new SuperHerb Teas, and I requested the Raspberry Leaf blend. According to the description, "Red raspberry leaf has a wide range of health benefits for women, and can help at virtually every stage of life – fertility, pregnancy, nursing and menopause. This tea is reminiscent of a fruity parfait with a juicy blend of rosehips, vanilla and berry notes." (I hope this isn't TMI, but since fertility, pregnancy, and nursing are pretty much off the menu for this almost 53-year-old, I don't suppose I have to tell you which "stage of life" in that list most appealed to me!)

Raspberry teas can often be overly tart, but this one with raspberry leaf had a deliciously sweet taste that was a pleasant surprise. I imagine the sweetness is from the vanilla flavor, but whatever the case, this herbal tea is one I greatly enjoyed—even more than I had hoped!

And I have to show you the packaging it came in. Recognize those tissue-like papers with holes in them?

It's pretty clear that Republic of Tea is smart with their recycling, which is yet another thing to admire about this company! Learn more about their new SuperHerb teas by clicking here.


  1. I'm glad to know you enjoyed this tea - I have a sample of it but have not tried it yet. And I LOVE the packing material - what a smart choice!

  2. I like a lot of Republic teas, but am not fond of raspberry...but it certainly sounds good!

  3. This one sounds wonderful! I'll be on the lookout for it!

  4. Years ago I drank a lot of raspberry leaf tea. Now that I'm getting older maybe I should try it again. The addition of vanilla sounds nice.


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