Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Sprouts Farmers Market's Green Tea Mandarin Lip Balm

On a trip to Peachtree City the other day, I noticed a new natural and organic grocery store, Sprouts Farmers Market, has opened since I last drove that route. Of course I had to stop by and check it out since such stores often have great new teas and tea products. This time, it was a store brand of Green Tea Mandarin Lip Balm that caught my eye along with several new teas. I don't know about you, but I can never have too many lip balms at this time of year. I keep them in my desk, purse, all coat pockets, the car … you get the idea. 

So when I saw a new one in a tea flavor, that was a must-have item.

The lip balm has a great flavor, but best of all it has a light texture that feels moisturizing but not waxy like some lip balms can be. Do any of you have a Sprouts near your home? I think I just became a fan!


  1. Oh, how I miss Sprouts!
    I would shop there all the time while living in Houston. Alas, here in Columbus, GA there isn't one!
    Their sausage is out of this world (made fresh daily at the store), their coffee is the best in town, the produce is gorgeous,.. I could go on and on. I won't!
    Best of all, the prices are quite low.
    Yep, I sure miss it!
    Shari in Columbus

    1. Thanks for letting me know, Shari! I just ran in long enough to grab some bread, pastries, and teas (and the lip balm), but I will have to check out the sausage, coffee, and produce now!

  2. I have not seen a Spouts store but I'll be watching for them. That lip balm sounds really nice.

  3. I love Sprouts, mostly for the good produce prices. I'll have to check the lip balm out.

  4. I love Sprouts, mostly for the good produce prices. I'll have to check the lip balm out.

  5. We here in San Diego are very fortunate to have quite a few Sprouts locations. The founder of the store chain is from this area, and this is "where it all began" as they say. His children and other relatives have kept the chain growing, so I am pleased to learn that they are now in other areas as well. It's always been a favorite of mine for produce and natural products. I will definitely be on the lookout for their tea lip balm! ~~Carol in San Diego

  6. I have heard of Sprouts. The lip balm sounds quite lovely.

  7. I've never heard of Sprouts. I'll have to check out the website and see if they have made it to NC. I'm with you on the lip balm. You can never have too many.

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