Friday, November 18, 2016

Flea Market Décor - the Christmas issue

I have been reading the most delightful Christmas magazine this week, and I thought some of you might enjoy checking it out as well! It's called Flea Market Décor, and since it was 164 pages, I didn't mind (too much) paying the $12.99 for this catalog-sized magazine.

I have a rule when checking out a new magazine. I flip through it, and if I don't find at least three different pages that "wow" me, I move on, because I know I have better magazines waiting for me at home. This one had me "wowing" at lots of pages, including this one with Christmasy décor in shades of red and white. Doesn't that look festive? And I do believe those cups in the cabinet look like some of the Cath Kidston patterns I admire.

This very week, I was plundering through boxes of Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations and came across a silver bride's basket similar to the one in the photo above, and I was pondering what to do with it. Donate it to Goodwill? Find a new use for it? After seeing this photo of a basket with vintage ornaments inside, I'm pretty sure I know what I'll be doing with my basket this year!

You know, those of us who collect teawares always have a head start in decorating, don't we? I mean, really, what a treat it is to already have so many silver and glass and china pieces we can use in our vignettes, and never is this true more than around the holidays. I had already been thinking of incorporating some old silver pieces into my holiday decorating scheme this year, so when I saw this cabinet with old Santas and old hotel silver and white china, I was smitten. I'm happy I'll be able to use some of my old department store tearoom silver in the Christmas décor this year!

And those of you who've been reading this blog for a while know of my fondness for Santa Claus mugs, so naturally I was drawn to this photo with Santa mugs on display. I also liked seeing how pretty the candy canes look in milk glass, especially since the new Pioneer Woman collection at Walmart features lots of that pretty white glassware. So if you're looking for some decorating inspiration for the weeks ahead,  I do believe you'll find some in this great new magazine!


  1. I am guessing that the "ornaments" in the silver basket are actually strung together or they would not perch so neatly. Neat idea!

  2. I love all these pages, I can see why they "grabbed" you!

  3. Everytime I see Santa mugs I think of you. I bet that page grabbed you for sure.

  4. I bought that magazine too and have never paid that much for one but I felt this one was well worth the price! So many ideas and love how they incorporate vintage in all of the photos. Nancy G

  5. I'll keep an eye out for this magazine. It looks like something I would enjoy


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