Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Tea Time Magazine's September/October 2016 issue

Local public school students started back to class last week, and another sign that fall is on the way is that the September/October issue of Tea Time magazine landed in my mailbox. Oh, how I love when those spice tones of fall start appearing on the covers of my magazines!

The cover cake on this issue sounds like one I definitely need to try. Do you bake more in the fall? I sure do. In fact, I've been a slacker of a cook this whole summer, rarely doing anything more adventurous than oven-baking some of the copious quantities of (delicious!) squash my dad kept us in all season long. But this Walnut-Apricot Spice Cake ... oh my goodness. From the spicy-looking interior to the nutty exterior and the luscious looking apricot jam and vanilla buttercream on top, well, I can just imagine the glorious flavors. With a cup of apricot tea, perhaps. But it has to wait till fall. I just can't enjoy a fall flavor at the tail end of summer, can you?

And owing to my current love of all things turquoise, I enjoyed reading about this "Afternoon Teal" (not "tea" but "teal") that uses the teal color to bring awareness to ovarian cancer. (Note the simple ribbon-shaped fold of the napkin at lower left. Clever!) Kentucky tearooms are highlighted in this issue as well, including, I was pleased to see, the Greentree Tearoom in Lexington that I visited with Linda Jennings and other tea friends a few years back. There's also an article about Jane Pettigrew, whom I once got to meet at a World Tea Expo, receiving the British Empire Medal and attending a garden party at Buckingham Palace. Have you received your issue yet? If so, what were your favorite features?


  1. Love that "teal" table setting! I'm so ready for fall flavors and colors, and most of all, fall WEATHER.

  2. Hi Angela
    Although I still have a few months of my subscription left, because in Canada we usually get our issues weeks after you - I signed up for a digital subscription and couldn't be happier. I received my copy last week.
    I liked the teal too and have added it to my colour accessories since it goes so well with lavender.
    I've been baking peach pies for a couple of weeks but it's been so hot this summer we've had to make do with frozen yogurt for dessert. :-)

  3. I have received mine, but wasn't ready for the fall colors or thinking of fall. The Peacock Tea intrigued me, as I have several tea friends that love peacocks. Must go back and savor again when fall comes along. That cake does sound delicious.

  4. Oh my, the apricot spice cake looks so delicious, and rich teal is a favorite color. I have asked for a magazine subscription for Christmas in years past but still don't have one.

  5. It is indeed right around the corner. As teal is blue...it's always been in my radar... I have mine on digital too.

  6. My favorite time of year - the Fall! I love pumpkin spicy flavors and that cake does sound delicious. Our little town turns "teal" this time of year for ovarian cancer awareness and all those bows look gorgeous! Enjoy Tea Time!

  7. That cake sounds delicious. Your schools start earlier than ours. We have 2 1/2 weeks left.

  8. Such a beautiful cover, perfect for fall. I love this magazine and that cake looks delicious! Joanie

  9. I just got this in the mail the other day and put it away for a tiny while as I savor and hold onto summer for just a teensy while longer.

    Autumn is my favorite season and favorite time to decorate, so I refuse to jump in when it's too hot to go outside still.

    LOVE Tea Time Magazine - my very favorite - and if you go to my post today you will read a little bit of interesting info about it. :- )



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