Friday, May 6, 2016

Teacup fairy gardens

Have you gotten into the whole fairy garden craze? I've dabbled a time or two but never done anything serious, but then one evening I saw an image on Pinterest that inspired me to create a Teacup Fairy Garden board, and ever since, I've been thinking of creating a fairy garden in one of my own oversized teacups or planters. A few days later, I happened to pick up this issue of Vintage Gardens magazine at Kroger.

And what did I find inside but this feature on "Furniture for Fairies," and it includes directions for how to craft a teapot for the fairies!

It's even got directions for making the fairy's teacup. So if you're into fairy gardens as well, I thought you might want to pick up a copy of this magazine!


  1. I haven't gotten into fairy gardens but they are cute and I can see making one in a large teacup planter!

  2. While I haven't gotten into fairy gardens, I think they are cute.


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