Monday, May 9, 2016

A decorative discovery on Derby Day

Saturday evening marked my second year to attend the Hats and Hooves Derby Affair fundraiser for our local Communities In Schools program, a dropout prevention program that has been highly successful at keeping students in school and graduating on time. CIS holds just one major fundraiser each year, and Hats and Hooves is it. I know some people are most excited about watching the actual race on big-screen TVs, but I go to see all the pretty hats and decor, and the food is always delicious. In the small photo at upper right, you can see the "tea station," which I visited frequently to mix my own Arnold Palmers using the lemonade and sweet tea!

This year, my friend Susan, who loves to entertain, was there as well, and we happened to enter the room at the local museum where Hats and Hooves is held as the dessert table was being set up. Susan noticed that the display stand was actually two three-tiered servers with glass shelves placed across them, and I immediately said, "I'm getting pictures of this for my blog." If you look at the second photo above, you'll see the stands are just those simple stands like many of us already own. So if you've got two of these and can get three glass shelves cut to fit, you're good to go with a great new way to create additional serving space!

This is a photo of Susan and me from the evening. It was so fun to have my friend there!

And this is a photo of my husband, Alex, and me. He got lots of nice compliments on his new pink jacket. He says it is "shrimp" colored, but everyone else says "pink." 

And here are some of my other friends in their hats and fascinators, including, clockwise from left, the lady who made the evening possible, our CIS Executive Director (and my friend) Gina, as well as friends Carrie, Lynn, Candace, and Angela. Did you do anything special on Derby Day this year?


  1. I love the alliteration of your title for this post, as well as the photos of you and your friends with your lovely hats. And that's a neat idea for serving, too. I didn't really do anything for Derby Day but I did watch a bit of the TV coverage. I'm glad you could enjoy this party for a cause!

  2. You look stunning - what a marvelous hat! And Alex in his "shrimp" colored jacket, talk about dapper and FUN! What a neat event.

    And using 3 tiers in that fashion is so genius it is a forehead slapper - now why on earth didn't I think of that? The three tiers never hold enough - this is sheer genius! THANKS for that idea! Hugs and love.

  3. Love reading about this fundraiser: a great party for a great cause, sounds wonderful!

    The photos were beautiful, love the serving tips, using the glass shelves, neat! Thanks for sharing, Joanie

  4. Great picture of you and Alex


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