Thursday, August 20, 2015

More new bottled teas from the Charleston Tea Plantation

I was so impressed with those Charleston Tea Plantation bottled teas I found at Ingles recently, I went back and got two more flavors, the Green Tea and Sweet Tea varieties.

The Green Tea tasted great, lightly sweet—and I never sweeten green tea—but still with a distinctive green tea taste.

The Sweet Tea had a brisk but not astringent black tea taste and was pleasantly sweet. Not too much sweetness and not too little either. Both these teas are sweetened with cane sugar and have 60 calories (and 14 grams of sugar) per eight-ounce serving. I did indeed get two servings out of each bottle, so I think these teas are perfect as an occasional treat, and I'm so happy to find products from the Charleston Tea Plantation on a local grocery store shelf!


  1. I wish them great success with these new products. RTD teas are popular and convenient for many people who would never take the time to brew tea. It's always a good thing to spread the word of the benefits of tea.

  2. I do like the Charles tea -- now to find it ready made! Thanks a million for being our taste tester!


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