Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Golden Tips Giddapahar Muscatel Black Tea

Every once in a while, my taste buds grow weary of the flavored black teas I usually sip and beg for something different. So this week, I looked through the teas on my tea rack and found a sample I hadn't yet tried, some Giddapahar Muscatel black tea from Darjeeling, India.

This tea was a sample I received from Golden Tips, and I have thoroughly enjoyed their teas that I've tried. When I opened the packet, this one had that nice scent of wood shavings I have come to associate with the freshest teas. The leaves ranged from black to golden brown.

When I steeped them, I detected a musk type of scent, the sort of thing I find in some women's cologne (and usually do not like). But I was intrigued, and when I sipped the tea, it had a rich, full flavor, almost perfume-like but yet subtle, and I very much enjoyed the copper-colored liquid with its notes of musk. It was nice to sip a single estate tea for a change, and this one from Darjeeling gets two thumbs up!


  1. This looks like one I would enjoy!

  2. From your excellent description, I believe that I would like this, too. I am going to look up the Golden Tips company. Thank you for the review.

  3. Sounds good to me. My taste buds are beginning to return
    and I could go for something like this for a morning tea.

  4. A perfect evening in NJ for a spot of tea! Snowing......just expect a little but maybe a bunch more on the weekend. Love being stranded at home cozy and enjoying tea - thanks for your recommendation!

  5. Interesting...I am allergic to musk, so that would put me off...but maybe not in tea! Back from break with a feeling-better-Honey!


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