Saturday, July 19, 2014

Tea Room Postcard #29 -- Clara & John's Tearoom (Yarmouth, Maine)

Clara and John's Tearoom, Yarmouth, Maine, 1961. Do you love this postcard photo as much as I do? The blue skies and puffy white clouds, the vintage cars, the flag pole out front that made me think this was a post office and not a tea room -- oh, I just love it!

I used to think my favorite postcards were the "unspoiled" ones that were never actually sent through the mail, but I've since realized that learning the story behind the postcard is half the fun! This one, sent from "Aunt Florence" to Mrs. Harland P. Williams of Eastham, Mass. on Aug. 22, 1961, reads, "Dot landed Grace at Fairhaven (?) and me at a Motel. Yesterday she went to church, then we came here and took Lou to this Restaurant. Rain today which I hope extends to Worcester. On way down Dot had to almost stop for 2 Geese calmly walking across the road. They must have been tame. Dot plans to see you Friday night, back to Worcester (at) 8 AM - and to Nashua that night & to #19 Sun. night. Some program!! Love to all, Aunt Florence." Fair Haven was the name of a summer camp in Maine (still in existence!), so I wonder if perhaps they were dropping off Grace at summer camp and that's when they happened upon this "tearoom" (one word), which the postcard's back tells us was "selected by 'Gourmet.'" A fun postcard, and it definitely brought back memories of my own trips to Rock Eagle 4-H Camp when I was a girl! Did any of you go to summer camp back in the day?


  1. I love this one, too. Yes, I went to camp in Dahlonega, but no tea rooms were involved, mire's the pity. Have a great weekend.

  2. What a fun postcard! Takes me back to the '60s. Yes - went to Girl Scout camp every summer - and it always rained.

  3. That parking lot absolutely called up every single vacation I went on with my parents before college. That's the way almost every restaurant and destination looked to me---and then inside, most were the same---slick counters and the scent of coffee and boomerang tabletops and booths, with toast triangles laid sidewise across the breakfast plate, and the same toast cranked out again in the Club Sandwich at lunch.

    I envision that a "tearoom" would be magically different---just the opening of a door would lead to white-clothed tables with tiny bouquets, colorful teapots and dishes, a quieter air of the wait-staff than the pencil-in-bun and toe-tap of the usual brisk waitresses in nylon, and some of the last true ladies-in-hats, as the tradition gave way to high-teased hair, capris with sleeveless shirts, and espadrilles.

    I dream a lot, and I also remember.


  4. I love the story too. Oh such memories. Yes, I did go to summer camp. It was the high light of my summers.

  5. Love seeing things from 50's&60's.
    Precious memories. Love seeing the old cars too. No camp for me--wanted to stay home sweet home!

  6. Thank you Angela for the giveaway I just found out I was a lucky winner of one of the copies. I just love the cover and I am surely looking forward to 'sitting a spell' and enjoy all the inside pages. After I have done that I will write you and tell you about my experience with this lovely yet unexpected gift. Love all your unexpected 'tea gifts' you have received from friends.
    With a joyful heart,
    Sylvia Faye

  7. I attended Summer Camp in North Georgia. Camp Glisson. Beautiful place still in operation I believe. I so enjoy your postcard postings!

  8. Great postcard, reminds me of summer vacations! Love the message on the back too, Joanie


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