Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Stash Blueberry Iced Green Tea Powder

Stash is a trusted name in tea to me, so when I saw these blueberry green tea "powder sticks" at Ross last week, I decided to try them.

I was expecting the water to turn blue or purple, so I was a little surprised when it had this murky green appearance. Hmm.

"Just Add To Water," it said, so I did. But when I added a packet to my 16.9-ounce bottle of water, the recommended size, and took a sip, I could barely taste anything, much less a blueberry flavor. I added a second whole packet of the iced tea mix. Still, nothing but a wimpy tasting drink. I asked my husband to taste it and see what he thought. He looked a little confused after he sipped. "Whatever it is, it's very mild," he said. "Exactly!" I said, and explained that after using TWO packets I still couldn't taste anything. He then explained that he was just being nice when he described it as "mild" because he thought it was something I personally had mixed up. (I tried not to overanalyze that comment.) This is the first time I've tried a powdered tea mix that lacked taste, so I'll be sticking to the Lipton tea packets from now on. If you've tried the Stash brand of powdered tea mix, I'd love to hear your review!


  1. I think I'd prefer a little more flavor if I were using these! I'll stick to brewing a big cup and adding stevia, and ice during the summer months. Thank you for the review.

  2. Not on my list to try. Now for sure not on my list.

  3. I've never seen these. Very strange that they were so weak.


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