Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dollar store discoveries

May it never be said that we are snobs here at Tea With Friends. Oh no. We may happily shop in the finest department stores of Europe one day (the rarest of days) and at our local dollar store the next. And so we wish to share our excitement over a recent Dollar General find, this dishtowel and oven mitt set.

Yes, I know that tallish pots are usually coffee pots, but with a little bit of imagination one may find a tall *electric tea kettle* in the graphics.

And surely those cute little rounded cups up top are teacups and not coffee cups? At any rate, these $1 finds are the quality one would expect (read: lightweight), but nonetheless a fun addition to a kitchen drawer of summer linens!


  1. Cute! I love finds like this.

  2. I like to use Dollar Store towels for my bread basket. Then if they get's no loss. I love these and can easily imagine drinking tea from the mugs.

  3. Cute find, and I love looking [and purchasing] in Dollar Stores!

  4. Love shopping at both ends of the spectrum too. Nice find at the Dollar Store.

  5. Great discovery, nothing wrong with something good from the dollar store.

  6. so cute...
    How I wish we had a dollar store here in India..I love some of their products...


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