Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Christmas in July

When my aunt and I went shopping Saturday, I had no idea just how much "Christmas in July" was going to be my theme that day!

First, I found these two large dinner plates with a pretty poinsettia design, in perfect condition, for 99 cents. (That's
two for 99 cents.) I've said it before and I'll say it again: NOW is the time to stock up on pretty plates, bowls and baskets for the serving and gifting of Christmas treats. If you end up having to pay $4.99 for an ugly clear plastic tray at the grocery store long about December 21, it won't be my fault!

After Goodwill, my aunt and I headed to the mall in Douglasville. As we walked past Hallmark, I suddenly remembered that Joy had recently e-mailed me an alert about this cute new miniature ornament. I couldn't help noticing that while most of the other ornaments were stacked in full rows, quite a few of the little boxes in this row of teapot ornaments were gone, so I'm glad Joy told me early in the season about this new ornament. And now you know too!

But these weren't the only Christmas goodies I would receive on Saturday, oh no. You see, Margaret from Canada had recently e-mailed to say she had a Santa mug she would be happy to pass along if I wanted it. Of course I did as a longtime collector of Santa mugs, and I was thrilled to find it waiting for me when I got home Saturday night! I don't mind duplicates at all, but boy, it's nice to receive a new design like this one as well!

Margaret included a magazine with a great piece on "Downton Abbey," so I was delighted to find it as well. She also included a lovely assortment of notecards which I will of course put to good use!

But that wasn't all! I was so thrilled to find this gorgeous tea towel and tea cozy from a Canadian tea company, David's Tea, in what Margaret tells me is their signature teal color. (Now how did she know I'd like that color? Hmmm.)

And last but not least, she included what is without a doubt the largest tea mug I've ever had, a 5-inch-tall mug that I placed next to an Old Country Roses teacup just to show you the size. This mug holds nearly a liter of tea, according to Margaret, and I'm tickled to have such a fun piece! When I finished opening all the gifts, I had such a pile of tissue paper and boxes around me that my husband said, "It looks like Christmas over there!" To which I can only say, "Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!"


  1. Woo Hoo! Christmas in July is fun!

  2. I love Christmas in July! Glad you found the little ornament. I got mine this weekend, too. And what great gifts! Fun, fun, fun.

  3. What fun to celebrate Christmas in July, and Margaret sent you some nice things.

  4. I love the Santa ornament.
    December 21 is my special day.

  5. Love everything! Teal teapot kitchy items, Hallmark Santa teapot - hope to get one tomorrow - and your new Santa mug too! Christmas in July - Tea with Friends style! Outstanding! Enjoy.

  6. Such great finds, Angela! I need to give you some 'shopping money,' you find the neatest things.

    Not sure if you watch QVC or not, but this weekend, they are having 'Christmas in July' and they have had some great deals on Christmas ornaments and gift items, in the past. Joanie

  7. So many fun treasures. I love those pretty cards.


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