Monday, July 28, 2014

A Bridal Shower for Cydney

Some of you may recall that in September, I will have the honor of hosting a Bridesmaids' Luncheon and Tea for my young friend Cydney. On Saturday I attended a Bridal Shower for Cydney here in Newnan, so I thought you might enjoy learning a little about this sweet bride who is so dear to me!

The tables held an assortment of finger sandwiches, sweets, fruit and these cupcakes, which I thought were charmingly presented in the shape of a wedding gown with a rhinestone "belt" accent!

My favorite of the many wonderful gifts Cydney received came from another Angela, a young lady who is one of her bridesmaids. I absolutely love how Angela took a vintage suitcase and vintage postcards and did a bathroom-themed gift, chock full of neat toiletries for the bride and groom to enjoy. This is my kind of gift!

I must confess I was tempted to do a little looting when I saw this one particular item in the suitcase! (Why does my eye go straight to the tea stuff? Radar? Mental hangup? What?)

After the shower games, it was time to open gifts, and Cydney's younger sister Alley was by her side to help record the gifts.

Here's a picture of Alley and Cydney I took after the shower. (Some of you may recall from past blog posts that their mother, my friend Liz, used to have a store in Senoia called Cydney's Alley. The girls are the source of the name!)

Cydney got lots of lovely gifts, and I have to say I was very happy that she seemed so happy with the dishes I got from her registry at our local Dillard's (where the staff were amazingly helpful, by the way; I do love a store with great customer service!). Cydney is actually mixing and matching some ceramic dishes from Southern Living in white and this pretty tan color, and I'm not the only one who was oohing and aahing over her dishes. (Her mom told me later that watching her open them "was like being at a beauty pageant for dishes." Now isn't that a delightful image?)

And here's Cydney with her mom, my friend Liz. I used to have tea parties with Cydney and Alley when they were little girls, and it's a bit hard to imagine that one of them is now old enough to be getting married, but I sure am excited for this sweet girl!


  1. Very Special , thanks for sharing.

  2. Bridal showers are just so fun. What a lovely day you all must have shared. Best wishes for a happily ever after.

  3. She will be a beautiful bride! Happiness abounds! Best to all! Can't wait to see your pics from tea party in September too!

  4. Looks like it was a lovely shower. I really like the vintage suitcase bath gift too and the creative food presentation.

  5. What a nice shower! Your photos are great - love the gift in the vintage suitcase, so creative. All the best to the bride and her family, Joanie


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