Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Thrif-tea finds

Now that the thrift stores in neighboring Carrollton are on my shopping rotation, I've made a few observations: 1) They have a nice selection of junk. 2) They seem to turn over their merchandise pretty frequently. 3) Their prices are great! Recent finds included these butter pats and a plate (Salvation Army) and a silverplate butter dish (Goodwill).

I'm calling these melomine dishes "butter pats" because that's what I thought they were when I saw the little stack of them, but then I picked them up and realized they were just plastic. Rats! But then I stood there and thought, "Hmmm. Maybe these could be used when having tea outdoors? Or on a tea picnic? Hmmm." Since they were just 10 cents each, I knew I'd probably regret NOT buying them far more than I would buying them, so they jumped into my bag.

I've been wanting to try some sugar cookies with pale blue icing, but it occurred to me I don't have any plates with pale blue to serve them on. This one was a quarter, and I liked it for a weird reason: it's flawed! You see, this plate doesn't have any nicks or chips, but unlike the other plates in the stack, this one is missing the pink roses in the design. If you notice the little blank spot next to the blue flower, that's where a pink rose was supposed to be. I don't think it's faded either; it really looks like the paint or decal or whatever didn't make it onto the plate!

Still, I like my 25-cent plate, whose backstamp says it's by Noritake and the pattern is "The Sedan."

My splurge was this $2.42 Cross silverplate butter dish. I've wanted a pretty silver butter dish for a while now, and the price was certainly right, but I wasn't sure if the tarnish and the verdigris looking spots would come off.

I'm happy to report that after just a little polishing the butter dish already looks fairly presentable. A bit more elbow grease and I think this will be worthy of the tea table! Do you shop at thrift stores where you live? If so, what do you look for?


  1. A good find of goodies at affordable prices. I was just talking with a friend yesterday about how thrift stores are everywhere in the US but are rare in these parts. I've only seen a couple in my travels around the province.

  2. Great finds, Angela! I rarely go to thrift stores, and I really should because there are several. My limited experience with the Salvation Army stores in my area is that their prices are quite high. Most things for the tea table that I would purchase are placed in glass cases with pricey tags.

  3. I do go to thrift stores, not as often as I should, probably. I've had a few good "finds" though. Those melamine plates are darling, at 10 cents each, how could you not buy them? They'd be perfect for a small child to use, as well as for outdoor use. How funny that the blue flowered plate missed the application of the pink flower! But it is still pretty and will be a nice backdrop for the cookies you are planning. And I think the butter dish will be quite lovely, and was a good bargain, too. What fun! You've inspired me to go visit the local thrift stores again.

  4. LOVE your incredible thrifty finds - WOW!!!!

    Another idea on those plates? Make heart shaped sugar cookies dressed in reds and pinks and whites, put a few on each plate, wrap in cellophane, tie with a bow and you have a splendid inexpensive favor for a Valentine's Tea!

    As for the patina on the butter dish, we are certainly living in a time when patina is desirable - so even if they don't totally come out/off you have a beautiful dish.

    And your Noritake - I love Japanese china - is beautiful! You could glue a candlestick on bottom and it would make a lovely serving tray for food or display items. I did that to a number of smaller plates, I use a few of them in my china cabinet to elevate tea pots for display in the back of the cabs.

    Well done, my friend. Hugs.

  5. My Favorite thrifts are the Council on Aging which supports our local seniors and we have church thrifts where you get the best buys!Christine

  6. Just shopped my favorite thrift this morning! I look for tea cups; found 3 to take home today. Also other dishes, home décor, and old linens. Today was senior's day, 40 percent off, even better!

  7. I never fail to frequent thrift stores. One never knows when the perfect find will pop up. I've collected some lovely dessert plates and serving plates over the years and never paid more than $2. for one.

  8. So lovely and affordable too! The plate is hand painted, looks like the pink rose painter was out sick that day! I love thrift stores, going to some in London in May. They call them charity shops. Can't wait to see all the items they have, hopefully all the items are made in England.

  9. Your thrift shop finds always amaze me. I stop at Goodwill occasionally and never find prices such as these. The butter dish is really pretty.

  10. I *adore* visiting thrift stores...I just have to be so careful! It's so tempting to just scoop up everything that appeals to me and I just don't have the space! LOL! My daughter is often then the lucky beneficiary! :)

  11. These are great finds! I enjoy going to my locale Hopice Resale Shop. I've picked up most of my prettiest cups and saucers from there!


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