Saturday, January 18, 2014

Tea Room Postcard #3 - Miller's English Tea Room (Fort Wayne, Indiana)

With this week's postcard I'm starting to see a little bit more of the feminine tea room look I'm accustomed to, rather than the "lunchroom" type settings of the tea rooms in the first two postcards I shared this year. I've never heard of Miller's English Tea Room in Fort Wayne, Indiana, but it looks like a pretty place, and I especially like what I believe is a fountain at left!

I'm not sure if serious postcard collectors (which I am not!) prefer postcards be used or unused, but the storyteller in me will always, always prefer to find a story to go with the photo. This one, sent to Mr. A.P. Welsey of 44 Curtis Ave. in Woodbury, N.J., reads, "Ten o'clock Sat. morning. Pearl & I just finished breakfast. She was on the platform to meet me. The train was 40 min. late. Love-Esther." Was A.P. Esther's husband? Was Pearl her sister, or perhaps a friend? This card is postmarked Dec. 23, 1939, and I also have to wonder if perhaps Esther and Pearl discussed that hot new movie "Gone With the Wind," which had just premiered eight days earlier in Atlanta. At any rate, it's fun to see what a tea room interior looked like in 1939!


  1. I'd want them "used", too, the stories are as fascinating as the pictures!

  2. I like to read the notes on the back so would prefer used if I collected them.
    Just like a woman with all the 'what ifs' and 'maybe this or that' which drives my husband crazy. This my scenario every time, especially people watching and he just says "who cares". LOL

  3. I think having them used presents such interesting story material. :-)

  4. I love the stories a postcard tells, especially if it has been written on. Not a serious collector either, just love digging through them at antique malls and bringing one or two home.

  5. What a fun postcard with message, and I loved reading your ideas of what the message might mean!

  6. Delightful! And I love you mentioned "Gone With the Wind!" It absolutely had to have been discussed, had to be the biggest thing since ever one would think!

    Love this nostalgia - and looks to be a delightful tea room.


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