Thursday, October 31, 2013

Some new fall teas from Canada

This week I have had Canada on the brain. Both the tea giveaway winners announced Monday were from Canada, and then I got to sample some new teas courtesy of my Canadian tea blogger friend Judith. These teas were both fall blends from David's Tea in Canada. Don't you love the way Judith packaged these with descriptions on fancy paper cutouts embellished by scrapbooking scissors? I may have to copy her idea!

This Pumpkin Chai tea with cute little pumpkin candies in it is rather appropriate for sipping today since it's Halloween, don't you think? I greatly enjoyed this spiced black tea and enjoyed it as my "late night sweet."

I tend to be a big fan of rooibos teas, so I was intrigued by the description of this Oh, Canada blend. It's sweetened with maple syrup and includes tiny little maple leaf candies, and oh my, was it good! It smelled and tasted very sweet and rich, a perfect "dessert" in a teacup! (And in case, like me, you're interested in trying some David's Tea for yourself, they ship to the U.S. for just $5!)


  1. Makes me proud to be Canadian. ;-)

  2. Hi Angela
    I knew you'd like these two tea selections from David's. Oh Canada is my favourite rooibos and I think you'll see the Pumpkin Chai on a few tea blogs because it's so good too.
    Happy Halloween!

  3. As soon as I saw the tea I knew it had to be from David's. They have the most unique flavored teas. I bought some not to long for a tea party I am doing in December. I thought their teas would work perfectly for A Touch of Whimsey. What I am seeing here certainly would work too.

  4. It's always fun to sample new teas and how thoughtful of Judith to send you some Canadian blends from David's Teas.

  5. Yay for David's! I'm glad to see you review this amazing Canadian tea company as it's my favorite tea supplier. You should sign up for their newsletter, which lets you know about new deals and the new seasonal teas. They have 5 winter teas and 3 holiday teas out now, and they are fantastic!


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