Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Feeling craf-tea with Somerset Studio

Do any of you get the crafting bug in the fall? I do. Something about those cozy nights indoors makes me want to *make* something. I've been working on a crocheted scrap afghan that is pretty rewarding, but I always seem to want to make something with paper as well. So when I came across the November/December 2013 issue of Somerset Studio the other day, I found it particularly inspiring. Why?

First, there are these Mixed-Media Cup Collages by Becky Shander. "Having grown up in an Asian household where there's a strong tradition of drinking tea socially," she says, "it is very likely that I've consumed multiple thousands of cups of tea to date." Cups were always kept full by her host, she says, and her memories of that "generosity and togetherness" are what inspired her to create her cup collages. The article runs five pages with step-by-step instructions, so some of you might be inspired by this piece just as I was!

Also, this Magic Tea Cafe is a piece of artwork from an article about Debrina Pratt, who left her day job a few years ago and became a working artist. Her story is quite inspiring, and several pieces of her artwork incorporate the vintage graphics and tea I so love. If you're a fan of handcrafted pieces yourself, this issue of the magazine is definitely worth a look. Are you working on any projects this fall?


  1. I've purchased Somerset before and there are always good articles with plenty of inspiring photos.
    I've started making my Christmas cards, on Saturday I attended a workshop where we made 12 cards.

  2. Thank you for sharing great magazines and books with us, Angela! I have purchased many because of your posts, and have received knowledge and inspiration from them.

  3. I love the issues that feature some tea themed artwork.

  4. Yes, Angela, I'm working on a project I've put off several years and it's really going to happen this year. In the 80s I did a Christmas scene in a window that became very popular, it will be even better this year as a free standing piece. By the way, your daily posts have inspired me to start a blog I will continue. My old photo and new inspiration for the scene was posted earlier today
    Oh, and the scene involves having tea, of course.

  5. Particularly love the tea cafe. This does look like a good issue.
    Right now making a cloth book for grandson for Christmas and then will be on to charms for all the new mom's and grandmother's in the family. They will be able to hang a picture of baby on the Christmas tree, if I get them done.

  6. Hi Angela, seeing Somerset again brings back memories of Hastings, I enjoyed reading this magazine. Have you had a chance to see the Bell's Handcraft store on the Square in Newnan? They have some nice art work in that store. Have a great week, Joanie


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