Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Burlington Gardenia & White Tea Body Wash and Lotion

One day, it occurred to me that instead of shopping for lotion, body wash and "fancy" soaps at the grocery store, I'd come out just as well looking for new ones at T.J. Maxx. So even though this Burlington of Australia set was packaged nicely and in a little metal stand, the $6.99 price also made this a good value!

I actually left this set sitting there with the other body care products while I shopped, and when I went back I thought I was going crazy because the set I picked up said "Gardenia & White Peach," not "Gardenia & White Tea." Then I looked around and realized that both those fragrances were on the shelf. Whew! They also had a Lavender & White Tea set, which I may try next.

I always check the label to see if tea is actually listed in the ingredients. No, here it's just "scented with" white tea. And while I do like the fragrance of this set, I must say that it smells like lily of the valley, not gardenia, but I happen to love lily of the valley as well!


  1. I think you have some type of "tea radar" - you find the neatest things!

  2. There you are at TJ Maxx finding fun things again. Good idea!


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