Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bigelow Apple Cider Tea

Fall tea flavors are appearing in the stores, I'm happy to report, and at Kroger last week I found this Bigelow Apple Cider Tea. Yum!

This tea is a caffeine-free herbal, which would make it a good choice for those wishing to avoid a lot of caffeine.

As soon as I opened one of the packets, I got a strong scent of tart apple. The tea's taste matched its scent perfectly, and I'm so pleased to have found this great new fall flavor of tea!


  1. Sounds delicious! I do love fall.

  2. Oh goody! I love it when the thematic fall & holiday teas arrive...so much fun to try them all! That looks like agreat flavor!

  3. Mmm, the flavour sounds delicious. I'll see what our grocery store has when I shop this week.

  4. I do believe I have tasted this one and did find it to be tart. Not especially my cup of tea.

  5. Angela, thanks so much for your review and so glad to hear you love our Apple Cider tea!! Enjoy, Valorie for Bigelow Tea


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