Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Miniature African violets in teacups

Earlier this year my friend Deberah gave me this miniature African violet, which got me on another round of trying to grow them. I finally followed some friends' advice to use African violet fertilizer, and that seems to be working!

Encouraged, I picked up a few more of the little plants at a local nursery the other day. Some of you had asked whether I place the violets directly in the demitasse cups or have them in another pot, and I wanted you to see that I do keep them in their original tiny pots so I can water them when needed (letting them soak up water from the bottom) and drain off the water after a bit, since apparently violet roots do not like to be waterlogged.

I think the new violets are rather adorable in their tiny teacup homes!


  1. The violets look smashing in the cups and violets are really easy to grown -- they almost thrive on neglect! Just water every now and again!

  2. I think they are adorable, too! I don't have the right light at home for violets, and don't have any more plant space at my office (I have two full sized African violets there) so I will just be content with admiring yours, so cute in their teacups!

  3. They look GREAT!

    I too have never been able to keep them alive.

    I know a neighbor of mine grows all sorts of them, and her best ones live in a terrarium world under cloches - keeps them self moisting pretty much, and free from drafts and cool spells.

  4. Love your miniature African violets in demi-teacups! They're beautiful!

  5. I agree that the secret must be to use African violet fertilizer often for them. Unfortunately, I usually forget for my one and only.
    The minis look sweet in teacups Angela.

  6. I love them! I enjoy growing African violets --- but haven't tried planting them in teacups. Great idea!

    A couple weeks ago a friend from childhood sent me cuttings (leaves and a small amount of stems) of her mother's African violet. They traveled 3,000 by US mail and we weren't sure if they would survive the trip. They did and I have them "planted" in potting soil and they are rooting and growing nicely. Such a special, thoughtful thing for a friend to do.

  7. Your violets look beautiful, Angela! Good to hear about a fertilizer for violets - I will look for it. Joanie

  8. Love, love the violets in teacups. So very pretty!


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