Friday, June 28, 2013

Bergamot Mint Soap

I do not, as a rule, allow myself to stockpile fancy bath soaps. It seems to me the fragrance evaporates a bit after a while, so when I open a new bar I want it to be as fresh smelling as possible. But sometimes one actually *needs* a new bar of soap, doesn't one? Well, at T.J. Maxx recently, I was soap shopping and came across a new variety that was definitely calling my name, this Bergamot Mint soap in a super cute box!

The manufacturer is listed as CST in Fall River, Mass., and a little cyber-snooping reveals the CST stands for Commonwealth Soap & Toiletries. (Nice name. Why do you reckon they don't capitalize on it?) This soap has a fresh, strong mint scent, and as a "not-a-morning-person" kind of person, I like a zippy scent to help me wake up in the shower. And this time, when the soap is gone I'll have a fun box to use later as well!

Preview: Friends, you do NOT want to miss Monday's post! I am thrilled to have a very special guest on the blog that day, and she has generously offered to provide a fabulous giveaway for one lucky winner!


  1. I think the pattern on the box would be wonderful embroidered on a tea towel.

  2. Yum! I'm a mint fan, so this sounds great to me!

  3. I think my hubs would really like that - but I don't like mint - not tea, not flavor, not scent......but I am a huge fan of fancy soaps and always, every day, spoil myself with them. TJ Maxx, Marshall's and Home Goods are my favorite suppliers b/c they're so affordable there.

    I will be here to visit on Monday, sounds truly exciting! Thanks, Ang- have a blessed weekend, my friend.

  4. Thanks for the heads-up on this soap. I think I'll have to pay TJ Maxx a visit tomorrow! ;-) Love the box it's packaged in.
    As for've piqued my curiosity and I'll definitely visit your blog. But I'd visit even if you weren't featuring a special guest.

  5. Sometimes the boxes are so pretty that I'm tempted to buy the soap just for the box. Hope you enjoy the scent!

  6. Love special soaps and I will buy them if I plan to use them within a year.


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