Thursday, March 14, 2013

Teavivre's Organic Superfine Dragon Well Lung Jing Green Tea

Blame Linda. She's been featuring some fun green tea tastings on her blog lately, and I can't help thinking those pretty photos and tasty sounding samplings are what had me reaching to try the new sample of Dragon Well I received earlier this year.

This tea sample is from Teavivre, and I love the look of these large, flat leaves!

Since I don't always remember to show this, I wanted to mention that I again used my white porcelain cupping set from Elmwood Inn Fine Teas. I don't use a strainer or filter, but rather place the leaves and water inside the lidded cup, then after the steeping is done I tilt the lidded cup into the handleless cup, like this, and pour off the liquid.

The dry leaf had only a light woodsy scent, so I always like to stick my nose in the wet leaf to see if I pick up any other scents. This time, I got the impression of something very vegetal, such as steamed asparagus or spinach.

This was a terrifically smooth green tea, one of those which has what I call a buttery taste. That's the only way I know to describe the rich, thick, satisfying mouth-feel of this tea, something I certainly don't always get in a green tea. This one is delicious, and I'm happy to say that teas like this one have turned me into a real green tea lover!


  1. I bought some dragonwell green after reading the Laura Childs book. The leaves look the same and I think mine too has a woodsy scent which I didn't care for. I'll have to try it again and look for more positive scents since I purchased a whole 80 g tin of it from David's Tea.

  2. I received this same sample and haven't tried it yet because I'm not a green tea fan, but I suppose I'll have to try it now. Thanks so much!

  3. Isn't it nice when we find a good green tea that isn't to vegetable in flavor. This one does sound good. Nice review.

  4. I've been drinking Dragonwell for a few years now and you are right. It's one that will make anyone a green tea drinker. I get mine from a tea shop on St Simons Island when I visit my daughter or when she comes home. I can't think of the name of the shop at this moment, but it's right in town.

  5. The tea shop in St. Simons is Serenity House Tea Society. Their website is I visit every time I'm in town.


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