Monday, March 11, 2013

New scones and new snack sets

When my friend Teresa decided to get out of the catering business last year, she also decided to part with some of the pretty wares she had accumulated. To my surprise I was gifted with a lovely and unusual set of fruit-themed snack sets (also known as tea-and-toast sets or tennis sets). I love these handy little plates with their easily gripped edges and built-in indentations for the teacup.

Though I have quite a few of these sets, I'd never seen a set of these snack plates with fruits on them. Won't these come in handy?

Such pretty designs!

This one is just waiting for a certain plum recipe I'll be trying once plums are in season.

And strawberries ... oh my! Maybe I'll even plant a few strawberrries this spring!

This weekend, I decided to make up a new scone recipe used some pomegranate-flavored Craisins I came across at the grocery store. It just seemed right to make something fruity to serve on one of my new snack sets, so I used my favorite basic scone recipe with the addition of 1/2 cup of pomegranate Craisins and 1/2 cup of chopped walnuts. I love the combination of fruity and crunchy!

With a little dollop of grape preserves served on the side, I was ready for a fun new snack—and snack set!


  1. Those are so pretty and unusual. Your scones look delicious!

    I have a set in the shape of apples and a lusterware set with clusters of Fall fruits on them. It is fun to use them at lunch for soup and a sandwich.

    Maybe you could plant your strawberries in a strawberry Jar?

    Hope you have a happy day.

    Mary Jane

  2. what a wonderful gift! I love snack sets and these are very different and lovely.

  3. The snack sets are pretty, nice of your friend to gift you with them.
    How do you like using the scone pan shown? I rarely make wedges, but when I do, they just line up on my baking sheet like the rounds.

  4. Those are all very pretty. Deb

  5. Your scones look yummy, Angela! The snack sets from your friend make lovely tea time accessories.

  6. What a great day for me to pop in to check what's new! I'm so glad to see you're enjoying these. I love the new Craisins, this recipe sounds delicious.

  7. Hey Again. I've changed my blog to "I USED TO BE A CATERER" just thought I'd let you know. :-)

  8. Oh what a lovely little tea y ou created, Angela!

    I ADORE the tea snack sets you were gifted - how sweet of your friend~ (Aren't friends the BEST!?)

    Your scones jumped right out of my monitor and made me drool - wow they look so good, I need tea time today and haven't been able to find the time even for lunch - women's club meeting days are always crazy busy - I have to go to set up, come home, get some work done, try to fix a quick dinner then go back as Membership officer and be one of the first to greet the members and any guests they bring.

    No time for tea. Meh.

    LOVE this post! They will be so pretty for summertime too with all the fresh fruits in season.

  9. Your tea-and-toast sets from Teresa are lovely.

  10. I love finding teaware with fruit on them. Yours is pretty and fun too. Enjoy them. Now you need to have a special fruity party just to use them.


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