Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Finds at the Glass Slipper Tea Cottage

It was surprising to see that spring arrived at the beach so much earlier than at my house five hours up the road. Here in Fort Walton Beach, the plants outside the Glass Slipper Tea Cottage were just gorgeous, especially this clever row of rosemary plants along the front fence!

Doesn't this make you want to go scoop up all the rosemary plants at your local nursery and plant them at your house?

I just thought this was such a great idea, and the blooms looked very happy in their location in front of the tea room.

Azaleas were in abundance at the coast, including beside the deck at the Glass Slipper.

This, I learned, is a bottle brush plant. I want one! So photos of plants are among my "souvenirs" of this lovely trip to the tea room, but happily their gift shop had lots of things I wanted as well!

What I finally settled on: a teacup, some yummy new Caribe blend tea, and a pastry server.

The tea room served its miniature roasted peppers on these pastry servers, which made for such an elegant presentation when I saw this peeking out from my three-tiered tray.

And of course a vintage teacup is always my favorite souvenir, especially this reribboned sky blue teacup by Colclough. Great finds, great tea and a great companion ... it doesn't get any better than that!


  1. Love the pretty teacup with the roses and ribbon. Thanks for sharing with us today.

  2. I love your treasured finds there. Did you know all my early collection of teacups were ALL Colclough? That is what I soley collected for years.

    I love yours - I don't think I have ever seen it, what FUN!!

    And you know I have that exact server and I bought it at a tea house too that has long since closed. : - (

    It's my favorite one b/c it is short and easy to use. Do NOT soak it though - it loses its luster fast - I found out after my wonderful hubs helped clean up once after a rather long tea party I hosted. It was bittersweet as you can imagine.

    The flora there - oh la la! All we have is grey dead ugliness, not a single leaf to be seen. However the rain DID stop, and there is a hint of blue poking out between deep dark clouds, threatens rain, but I shall keep my fingers crossed!


  3. Enjoyed the beautiful floral photos (particularly the rosemary!).. especially since we are sitting under 2" of fluffy white snow right now.... where is spring? We use those pretty little tart servers in Sweet Remembrances, and they are one of our best sellers in The Rosemary House! Aren't they fun!?

  4. What a charming tea cottage! Love the flowers that adorn its fence. I like the bottle brush plant too; how cute! Your teacup is lovely and so is the pastry server. I have several Colclough teacups and love them all. Thank you for sharing your finds and Happy Spring!


  5. All these treasures are great. The teacup is really pretty! I remember seeing the bottle brush in Florida and California. Unusual.

  6. Wonderful! I love it when a tea room has a gift shop! Love the teacup design! Perfect!

  7. The flowers are beautiful - especially that bottle brush plant. I have never seen that one. Your teacup is lovely and that tea sounds great. I noticed the little server in your picture yesterday, how neat that they have those for sale.

  8. Lovely treasures, thank you for sharing! Spring has arrived at the Glass Slipper. The Bottle Brush is beautiful. In California it grows like weeds! Too cold so far,though.

  9. A very nice collection of souvenirs! The cup is beautiful. I have that server and love it. The tea too would be a special treat.
    Yesterday when I was out walking I also was noticing the rosemary and wishing for some in my garden. This row along the fence is beautiful.

  10. Delightful new treasures, love the pastry server. I run my hands over the rosemary in the herb garden during summer just to inhale that wonderful fragrance.

  11. Dear Angela,
    Oh, my gosh, what a loveable teacup. Charming!!! Color and design=love. The server is gorgeous too.
    Smiles, Ruthie from Lady B's

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  13. I am ready to go to this tearoom, Angela! Your photos are lovely and I like your gift selections. The photo of the bottle brush plant brings back memories: when I lived in Missouri, there were a few bottle brush plants in our backyard and in the neighborhood, really neat to look at. Thanks for sharing your trip with us, Joanie

  14. I was wondering how far Ft. Walton Beach was from where you live, and a five hour drive isn't bad. Loved the garden photos. I don't have a green thumb, but I'm seriously considering planting an herb garden this year.
    I love the teacup, silver-plated server and bag of tea you got at the Glass Slipper Tea Cottage. I know firsthand that it's yummy! ;-)


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