Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cracked, chipped—and adored!

So while on vacation last week, my husband and I had gone over to Pensacola, Fla. for the day when we spotted a promising looking antique mall. Only problem was, we were listening to the radio and heard white smoke had been spotted at the Vatican, and I didn't want to miss the announcement of the new Pope. (No, I'm not Catholic, just nosey. I was also excited for my Catholic friends that they were getting a new Pope!) So the DH agreed to stay in the car and monitor the radio while I popped into the antique mall, and am I glad I did! I've never bought a chipped, cracked piece before, and certainly couldn't have imagined I'd be so happy with a damaged $6.95 item. Why?

Well, brown transferware is fine, but normally it wouldn't catch my eye. The front of the damaged, demitasse-size cup featured a young chap in a pastoral setting. Whoopee, right?

The back of the cup gets a little more interesting ...

And the small saucer, in immaculate condition, sports an even better version of the image.

Is that what I think it is?

Why yes, it's a "Tea Drinker" I'm seeing! Now, are you as surprised as I am not to have come across this design before? I *know* I would remember if I had seen this before, because I'd want all of this pattern I could find! Alas, this pattern from the Societé Ceramique in Maestricht, the Netherlands, doesn't appear to be for sale too often here in the U.S., but if you go here and here, you can see a few examples from elsewhere in the world. In the second link, if you scroll to the last photo in the series, you can see this comes in green, blue and red (Phyllis B.!) in addition to my brown design. So what to do with a small, cracked, but most treasured teacup? Well, if I hadn't killed all my miniature African violets, one of those would be perfect in here.

But then I got back to work on Monday and, in a bit of serendipity, my friend Deberah had gotten me a treasure at the Southeastern Flower Show, a *new* miniature African violet! Ta-da!


  1. Good find Angela and the perfect home for your miniature violet.

  2. How adorable! Who cares about the chip, it's the perfect holder for the pretty miniature violet.

  3. What a treasure the tea drinker is! And, it looks very happy with your new African violet. Happy Spring!

  4. I would have grabbed it...flawed or not as well. I love old transferware, the design name is perfect and the scene charming. Also perfect for your new little violet! Serendipity strikes again!

  5. You have eagle eyes! I've never seen this pattern... and love the bottom of the cup, too!

  6. Thank you for sharing,I have never heard of a tea drinker. I will have to keep an eye out for them. Another treasure hunt!!!

  7. Angela you find the *best* things!
    I've never heard of the Tea Drinker- but you know I love transferware! And brown is such a great color!

  8. Such a charming and beautiful teacup. Even chipped teacups can be our friends. You've found the perfect role for yours!

  9. That's great Angela! Very unusual piece!!!

  10. Absolutely awesome in every way.

    GREAT scouring eyes to find that treasure - I am afraid I may have just passed it right over and missed its beauty for that chip....well done, my sweet friend!

    And the African Violet? Now that truly IS serendipity, indeed!

    Now you just need a small cloche to protect that violet from cold and keep itself moist on its own - hates to be wet!


  11. Dear Angela,
    I have never seen that pattern before. I wonder if Nancy at Nancy's Daily Dish has. Love it, chips and all. We are not perfect, are we? Heck no, so it's ok and deserves to be as loved as you are doing.

  12. I've never seen that pattern before. Love the red variation.

  13. Oh perfect! I love the combination of this special cup with the violet.

  14. I have a perfect little demitasse cup and saucer Porsche, I was able to date it to about 1860's. Same company in the Netherlands.

    $4.00 at the State Hospital yard sale.

    so I know what you mean, I love it.


  15. Love your brown transferware find, and the pattern is perfect for a tea lover! The African Violet looks lovely adorning it.


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