Monday, December 3, 2012

The tea tree goes up!

The big tree still isn't up, but I'm happy to report that my tea-themed Christmas tree is in place to launch the season!

This has become a project all its own, and last year I decided the tea ornaments deserved their own crate. This aqua colored one from Home Depot seemed just right for storing all the boxes and tins containing the ornaments.

Again, I can't believe it took me until last year to realize that I already had lots of the perfect storage tins for ornaments. (Duh!)

The first ornament to go on the tree this year was the one from my Biltmore trip back in the spring where I got to enjoy tea with other tea blogger friends!

Next, the new Madame Alexander and Hello Kitty ornaments from tea friend Lani, since I'd been dying to see how they'd look on the tree. Perfect!

The last tea ornament I actually bought was this chintz one, found the other day at an antique mall here for $3. I don't think I will ever tire of these pretty floral ornaments.

The day after I found a Spode Christmas teapot this fall, I found this ornament. I must tell you I felt a little dumb paying $6.99 for the ornament when the whole teapot was just $14.99, but oh well!

So many of my tea ornaments have lovely memories attached, like this one reminding me of the year I took my two oldest nieces to see the new "Alice in Wonderland" movie.

I always breathe a sigh of relief when this pink glass teacup, a gift from my Aunt Jane, makes it through again. I usually bubble wrap it to high heaven!

And the sparkle on this gold and crystal teapot is just so lovely. This was a souvenir I got at a Valentine's Tea with my husband, yet another very happy memory!

The tree topper, once again, is a pink teapot salt shaker.

Looking at this hodgepodge of ornaments on what was originally a dainty little feather tree, I can see I need a more substantial tree if I am going to continue to have a tea tree each year. This year, not all the ornaments could fit on the tree, and it was starting to wobble so I finally quit adding more.

Off to the right is the glass Nativity set I wrote about in the Newnan-Coweta Magazine editor's letter that came out a few weeks back. Since some of you commented on it, I thought you might like to see it.

And over-ornamented or not, I still love my little tea tree!


  1. That's very pretty. What a unique looking tree. I'm now collecting little tea ornaments, too. It's fun. Hugs, Deb

  2. What a beautiful tree. Love all the ornaments, especially the rose tea cup. I have 2 teacups for ornaments, need to keep my eyes open for more. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wonderful! My tea tree looks bare in comparison!

  4. Angela your tea tree is gorgeous. The ornaments are all just beautiful. I need to start collecting tea ornaments so next year I can have a tea tree.

  5. Such a unique tree, my first thought was that it is a lot of weight for the tree but you already know this. This is the type of tree I'd like to examine in person because of all the neat tea things hanging on it.

  6. I love it, too! I'm going to be on the lookout for a small tree after Christmas this year, because I have enough tea-themed ornaments now to warrant having their own tree! Then I need to figure out where to put it...

  7. Your Tea Tree is awesome, and I vote for your getting a tall skinny one for the corner.....don't stop putting new and adding ornaments, it's FUN!!

    Love love love your tree and really was excited to see up close ones, you have quite a collection!

    Just beautiful. You should share it with Make it Pretty Monday linky party.

  8. Simply love all the symbolism and sentiment attached to your ornaments... your tea tree is darling!

  9. I love your very creative storage!

  10. I have the same clear glass nativity set !

  11. Fabulous Angela! I LOVE it! So very you!!! And how are the Santa mugs doing?????

  12. Hooray for the tea tree! Now it feels more like the holiday season here on the internet.

  13. This is the best. Christmas tree. Ever.

    Seriously impressed! How fun! :)

  14. Your tea-themed Christmas tree is wonderful. I loved looking at all the beautiful ornaments.
    My 91 year old mother has been experiencing some difficulties so I spent the night in her apartment last Saturday. I leafed through the Newnan-Coweta magazine the day it arrived, but I read it cover to cover Saturday night while sitting my mom. I loved your editorial about the nativity set, so was delighted to see it in your post today. Blessings, Phyllis

  15. I just love all your tea ornaments. The glass one from your aunt is beautiful and I would wrap it well also. What a clever idea to use a salt shaker for the topper. Thanks for all you share.

  16. Hello Angela, your tea-tree is gorgeous! Such a variety of ornaments and each one 'tells a story.' The little doll is too cute and the teacup from your Aunt is very pretty. What an inspiring tree! Joanie

  17. I've decided to feature your post in my weekly link up.

    You can see the post here:

    Best wishes,
    The Teaist

  18. Love your tea tree! So pretty and unique.

  19. Your tea-tree inspired me last year and it was sooo much fun to do. I also used those cute (but not really usable) teapot and teahouse strainers on my tree, as I don't have nearly so many ornaments. This year you've inspired me to use tea tins for storage (a double DUH!- I never thought of that either). Happy holidays. I too am also looking forward to your Santa mug collection for this year- but patiently.


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