Friday, December 21, 2012

The Madison Tea Room's gift shop

Half the fun of going to a new tea room, to me, is checking out their gift shop, and I loved seeing the pretty things for sale at the Madison Tea Room & Garden yesterday.

I especially liked how the white furniture was used in their display of books, teawares, cute packaged teas, teaspoons and more. It just seemed to show everything off really nicely! So what did I buy?

Well, two bags of goodies. And aren't the bags pretty? When I mentioned to the owner that I was buying two small items to add to my friend Deberah's Christmas gift, she insisted on packaging them separately. Now, since I have a friend in town who owns a gift shop, I know that bags and tissues and ribbons are not negligible expenses, so it meant a lot to me that the Madison Tea Room took the time to provide pretty packaging for my friend's gifts. (And yes, she loved the bag!)

For Deberah, I got one of their gorgeous teapot cookies (which I aspire to make myself one day), as well as a cute little package containing a pretty Christmas teaspoon and a few teabags tucked inside.

And for myself, I also got a Christmas teaspoon and my usual souvenir of a visit anywhere, a new book! I had actually missed seeing this one, but Maureen, bless her, had picked up one for herself and made sure I saw it before we left. I know many of you have been recommending this book, and it had been on my wish list for a while. Fun finds and a great tea room--and gift shop!


  1. How lovely! You may already know this but Celestial Seasonings is offering free shipping for orders over $15.00. The code is CSFREESHIP2012.

  2. What a beautiful gift shop... and lovely packaging! Your treasures are perfect souvenirs! Whenever we take a special trip, I always try to find a new cookbook as my remembrance of the journey!

  3. What lovely bags. I think that speaks volumes about a store.

  4. There's nothing like a well stocked tea room gift shop. Some really cute things in this one and I like the teaspoons. A friend and I were lamenting just the other day how there are very few tea shops near us now as they all closed.

  5. The gift shop looks as nice as the tea room, Angela - what a find! Love the gifts you picked out and the owner sounds very thoughtful to pack two (pretty!) bags, very sweet. I am putting this tea room on my travel list. Thanks for sharing with us, Joanie

  6. Those bags are gorgeous. Just getting a gift in a bag like that would be extra exciting.

  7. How lovely to celebrate the season at tea. Merry Christmas to you!


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