Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Stamping away with teatime stamps

In the last two months I received new teatime stamps from three different friends, and ever since I've been stamping up a storm!

So, I thought I'd share some of my latest results. This teacup stamp, from my friend Frivoli-tea (a/k/a Lynn), has such an "old world" look, I thought it paired beautifully with some scrapbooking paper that had a map design.

This stamp of a three-tiered server came from tea friend Lani, and I must admit I had more than a little fun digging out my colored pencils and coloring the design! (Do we *ever* get too old to enjoy coloring?)

And the stamps I blogged about here from my friend Phyllis in Georgia have definitely been getting a workout, most recently with a green and floral colorway ...

... and then in a red and aqua palette.

Seam binding seems to be replacing ribbon in the crafting world lately, and after buying several packets of the wrong thing at the craft stores, I was happy to find this pretty olive green seam binding on clearance from Stampin' Up (the teacup stamp was a clearance find from Stampin' Up as well). Now, I just have to decide whom to send these cards to!


  1. Absolutely beautiful cards!!!

  2. Pretty, pretty. My favorite is the first one - the "old world" look.
    Love that stamp and you matched it perfectly with the map paper.

  3. They are all delightful - I love to find tea-themed stamps. Great job.

  4. Very nice Angela. I have a number of tea related stamps too but have been too busy gardening to make cards at home. I attend a Stampin' Up workshop twice a month though to learn new techniques or how to use a series of stamps - great fun.

  5. You can send me a card. They are very pretty. Stamping is something I personally have tried to avoid, as I really don't need more supplies and projects around my house. Yikes, I can't keep up as it is. But stamping looks so fun and so tempting.

  6. Fun, fun fun! I wish I could get-together and stamp with you. I love to stamp, but don't have your creative talents!

  7. So pretty! Anyone would be thrilled to receive one of these lovely creations. Maybe you should frame at least one of these and place it in you craft room.

  8. They are all so pretty. Love them!

  9. I adore the Green and blue one!!

    VERY NICE!!!

    with a lovely yummy tea bag inserted a PERFECT cup to share!


  10. What beautiful cards, Angela. I agree with amherstrose, they are pretty enough to be framed. Great job, Joanie


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