Thursday, June 21, 2012

A guessing game

Today it's "Guess the identity of this object" day. So … can you guess what this is? I mean yes, it's a teapot, obviously, but besides that, what is it?

A notecard? No.

Does this angle give you more of a clue?

How about this?

Surely this!

I always knew there just had to be a box of tissues with tea on it somewhere, and I found some at the Festival grocery store in Sheboygan, Wisconsin last week! Any readers shop at Festival? I really liked the store, and I definitely loved their tissues!


Marie said...

How cool! I really love this box.
And when it is empty you can use it for other things.
Now I have to comb the nearby grocery stores to find one like it.
This would be really fun to add to a basket for someone who has the flu or a cold. Along with tea, ec.
Thanks for sharing it.

Sylvia said...

I didn't guess it, but I love it! Now to think of how to repurpose and reuse the box once the napkins are gone. uh. I live in Georgia also, so it's too far to go to buy napkins.

B J Elder said...

At first I thought maybe it was fabric, then a tray, but never would have guessed a tissue box! How fun.

La Tea Dah said...

What a find! I hope you bought them out so you have a year's supply! Very sweet tissue box!


Anonymous said...

Hi Angela, I found these tissues in my local food store last year and have not seen them since.(Shaw's Markets,not sure if this is only a New England chain) Christine
Didn't think to keep the empty boxes !!!!

Deb said...

How cute is that!

Joy said...

How cute! Is it the store brand? Unfortunately I've never seen a Festival store. But if I saw a box of these in any store, it would go home with me!

Anonymous said...

I love the designs on this box -
great find, Angela! Joanie

Marilyn said...

What pretty graphics on a tissue box.