Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Taught & Toned with TimeBalm & Tea!

Are you loyal to your skin care line? I generally prefer Clinique, but every now and again I see a new skin care product that turns my head. In this case it was TimeBalm's "Taught & Toned" set made for normal to dry skin and containing white tea, a set I found at T.J. Maxx for just $14.99, significantly less than the price of any individual product at retail! (Go here if you want to learn more about the TimeBalm skincare line.)

The Rose Face Cleanser comes in a nice pump bottle and dispenses just the right amount of product. I liked the clean, fresh scent (not overly floral) and the way it made my face feel after cleansing.

I was equally pleased with the two moisturizing creams, the Cranberry Invigorating Eye Cream (and I don't really fool with eye creams all that often) and the Apricot Skin Renewal Cream, which I use at bedtime. I've been enjoying these new products, especially knowing they are a) all made with camellia sinensis leaf extract and b) bargain-priced!

And in only semi-related news, T.J. Maxx also has these cute terrycloth dish towels for $1.99. Just thought you'd like to know!


  1. I love the tea towel - you find such pretty towels!

  2. Can you believe it, I don't even know where the T.J.Maxx is here in town. I know they are in the area. The tea towel tempts me to find one. You always amaze me how you find the tea stuff.

  3. Great finds, Angela - you are 'The Queen of the Treasured Find!' The facial products look good and the tea towel is really neat, thank you for sharing, Joanie

  4. I used Clinique for years and switched to Mary Kay when I started selling it - both have good products.
    Now, however, I'm using Avon's Platinum line for older mature women and find it just as good and much cheaper.
    Like you, I'd try something new if it interested me.

  5. For some reason Taught and Toned makes me laugh and think of 1980's leg warmers. :-)

  6. Good finds, Angela. It is always fun to try new products. I like Clean and Clear for cleanser, Mary Kay for makeup, and Retin A prescription at night for wrinkle prevention. I like Bath and Body Works creams with shea butter for moisturing my hands. Now I believe I've told you more than you ever wanted to know. lol


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