Monday, April 9, 2012

First estate sale of the season

Last Wednesday I went to my first local estate sale of the season, and the preview photos online told me there were lots of things I'd be interested in: garden accessories, linens, china, glass, silver. I don't like to go when the initial rush of shoppers arrives at 9 a.m., so I waited 'til my lunch hour and headed out. Of course you take a risk that way, but sure enough some of the very items I'd been hoping for were still there!

My favorite item was this 3-inch tall ruffled glass vase. I'm trying to root African violets in the kitchen window, and I'd been meaning to get to the dollar store in search of a small glass vase to root the leaves in. This little number is even better, and the price was right!

The item I was most surprised to find still there was this Royal Winton dish in the Old Cottage Chintz pattern. The tiny handles are so fragile, I'm rather at a loss for what this piece actually is. A candy dish, maybe?

And yippee, lemon forks! (Well, I've learned they are really seafood forks but I'm using them as lemon forks because they're so pretty!) I'd been wanting some of these, and a hasty polish of one of them proved these will clean up right nicely. I plan to use these for serving lemon slices at my niece Cari's big Birthday Tea coming up this weekend. Can't wait!

Finally, I couldn't resist these old cookbooks. The green one is from the Montrose Garden Club in Montrose, Ala., and the well-loved one on the right is from a beloved downtown church. I recognized many of the family names I found in this one and enjoyed seeing ads from local businesses of yesteryear. Are estate sales popular where you live? If so, what's your advice for shopping at estate sales?


  1. We adore Estate Sales but have to go to the city for them (in our little town it's always auctions and I like the come and go of Estate Sales better).

    The first one we went to I scored a blue and white tureen - saw the pics on their email advertising the sale and surprisingly it was still there on the THIRD day which was half price day and we weren't there when the doors opened either -- about an hour after!!! Guess there were no blue and white collectors that came!

    You did well with your finds -- that vase is darling and only $1 and I like old cookbooks as well.

  2. I absolutely love the chintz dish! I don't go to Estate sales because they are generally on Fridays here. I have to work. But we have lots of yard sales.

  3. I go to estate sales but around here they are always auction style - and not priced per item. And they usually run pretty high.

    Occassionally during inclement weather or if there are several on same day one can get very very lucky. I have experienced that kind of luck before, but not often enough.

    Estate sales are all over around this huge city - we will drive as far as an hour but not further, and we go to them whenever we are able.

    My eldest daughter and her husband are SEASONED estate auction frequenters and oftentimes will go and call/testsend pics and bid on things for me, as I usually don't have the energy to spend the day at the auctions, and usually what it takes to get to that "table" of china or silver or whatever one is interested in.

    They have been very lucky in the past and I have had several boxes of treasures - surprises many- brought back to me for a very good price by them.

    YOU really scored some nice things this time, Angela. That china dish is especuially valuable.

    Have a wonderful week!

  4. I would have beat you to that candy dish. It is adorable. You did very well and I'm sure you will love adding these items to your collections. Deb

  5. Wonderful selection of finds!

  6. Oh my! Look at these fabulous finds! I love the special lemon forks.

  7. I've been itching to go to one! Now I'm really ready.

  8. What great finds at your first Estate Sale of the season. There are many estate sales every week in my area, but I go to very few. I'm on a mailing list and enjoy looking at the photos of all the items for sale.

  9. Angela,
    You find the best stuff. I want to go shopping with you.
    Congrats on your great finds !!!

  10. Hi Angela,
    You are the best little shopper! I just had the same pattern up on our blog in a teacup. I think I would put candy in your pretty dish. Please come and visit Lady B and me. We are faithful followers who love your blog. I always search out the things you present.
    Can't wait to see what you put up next...
    :) Ruthie, Dame Ruthie at

  11. I don't often go to an estate sale unless I just happen upon one and have the time. The last one I visited was sometime ago, but I found a lovely child's vintage hat and a very nice first edition book for my husband for Christmas. Love the Royal Winton dish and the forks.

  12. Looks like you got some great deals! Love the chintz dish.

  13. Such interesting treasures you discovered at the sale. I have been to many estate sales and it is always fun to search the tables for something to add to a collection.

  14. Fantastic finds, Angela! The chintz dish is a beauty - you are such a great 'Treasure Hunter!' Enjoy,


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