Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tea at Dollar Tree

Whether it's the dollar bins at Michaels or Target or the ones at Dollar Tree, I so enjoy the bargain possibilities of a good dollar store visit!

A recent trip to Dollar Tree yielded some cucumber and green tea anti-perspirant, a fine knockoff of a popular name brand version.

I can always use a spare package of tealight candles, and these are a good color and smell nice to boot.

I like to keep these powdered tea mixes handy during the summer, but I'd never thought of looking for them in the dollar store until I spotted these at Dollar Tree. Are you a dollar store shopper? If so, have you ever found any tea-related items there?


Marie said...

HI Angela - I have found a wonderful shower gel at the Dollar Tree-black tea is the scent. Very clean scent with just a hint of floral. And it came in a tube-easy traveling.
I am headed to the $T after work today..will share what I find that is fun.

Susan said...

I have found some tea themed greeting cards that were 2 for a dollar at Dollar Tree. One get
well card mentions honey tea.Another
card shows pouring teapot and says thanks.

Marilyn said...

Hadn't thought to look for tea products at the Dollar Store. I need to go soon to get some other things and I will be looking.

Trish - Sweetology101 said...

love it!!

shopannies said...

thanks for sharing my friends use these alot they love the taste as well

Anonymous said...

Hello Angela, love your finds!
I saw some tea flavored ice cream at Kroger (Lower Fayetteville store) I thought of you when I saw it but didn't buy it (was running errands & it was too hot!)
Will have to try it, one of these days, Joanie