Thursday, July 28, 2011

Soup that's pretty enough for teatime!

Have you ever served soup at one of your teas? I haven't, and it's not that I haven't thought about it. It's just that I haven't yet acquired enough dainty, two-handled cream soup bowls. I found a lovely one last year at one of my favorite local shops, What's in Store, and recently I found an equally pretty design at the same shop. It prompted me to try making this chilled Creamy Cucumber Soup, and I love the soup *almost* as much as the soup bowl and saucer.

Sometimes I think I might like to have lived back when they had fancy serving pieces and silverware for every food. Then I remember that I occasionally like things like paper plates and dishwashers.

Aren't the roses on this piece just so yummy!

For any of you backstamp detectives, does that say "Thomas" above the words "Sevres" and "Bavaria"? And what about the M. Earnest? The person who painted the piece, perhaps?

At any rate, I needed to use up some cucumbers this week, and when I found a super easy recipe for Creamy Cucumber Soup there was no question what I'd serve it in. Here's my recipe, in case you have a hankering for some cucumber soup yourself!

Creamy Cucumber Soup (two ways)

3 large cucumbers, peeled and seeded
1 (10-3/4 ounce) can Campbell's Healthy Choice Cream of Celery Soup
1 soup can of light sour cream
1/2 teaspoon dill
1/2 teaspoon curry

Place cucumbers in food processor and pulse until liquified. Pour into large bowl and add soup and sour cream, stirring well with a wire whisk. I wanted to try the soup with two different flavors, so I divided the soup among two bowls. To one, I added the curry, and to the other I added the dill. I liked them equally well, but I thought the dill made for a prettier photo!


  1. Pretty soup bowl set, and the recipe sounds yummy. Definitely another one to try! I held a "Fruits of Summer" tea once, and served chilled strawberry soup in a two handled cream soup bowl and saucer set in the "Spiral Flutes" pattern (by Duncan & Miller Glass Company). It's a pattern that looks similar to the "Colony" glassware that we collect. The cream soup bowls in *that* pattern are very rare and definitely out of our price range!

  2. I haven't served soup at tea, but yours looks perfect!

  3. I believe it does say Thomas. I have a couple of pieces from my great-grandmother with that stamp.

    Just beautiful!


  4. Wonderful recipe, Angela and the soup bowl is beautiful! It looks like the word Thomas. The 'M. Earnest' seems like the name of the person who painted it.
    What a nice treasure, Joanie

  5. LOVE the recipe!! The bowl is fantastic..I have eyed this type of thing before and just need to splurge and get one. I love love love a good soup! I have been "into" a lot of fruit/cold soups lately.

  6. Lovely presentation and soup server!

  7. I have never had cold soup before but I heard it can be delicious!
    The pattern is lovely, what a great find!

  8. Yes, I think it does say "Thomas".
    I wonder if M. Earnest could have been the person who owned the bowl? Or is it common for the person who painted a dish to sign their name?

  9. Your soup bowl is beautiful. The pink flowers are so pretty. It seems like I once had cucumber soup at the now closed tearoom in Gettysburg, PA. It was quite good as I recall.

  10. The Corner Rose Tea Room in Orlando Fl serves tea on Monday and Tuesday by reservation only.
    We do serve soup but our cups aren't that pretty!

    We have served cold strawberry, hot carrot and hot tomato bisque. I want to do the cucumber soon. Thanks for sharing.


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