Thursday, July 21, 2011

Giant Retro Tea Mug

Well, no, I didn't exactly *need* a new oversized tea mug, but this one caught my eye at T.J. Maxx the other day and I realized that for $3.99, this would make a dandy pen and pencil holder!

This is, I believe, the first tea mug I've ever come across that featured a paper band around the middle telling me it's a Giant Retro Tea Mug. The bottom of the mug is marked Retro Tea, Creative Tops Ltd. The band indicates it was made in China but designed/marketed in Great Britain.

I just love the cheery graphics on this mug, and I truly am going to use this as an office supply. Teawares: they're not just for breakfast anymore!


  1. cute...good thing it tells you on the mug what it is, or you might be confused....HA! 3.99 well spent in my humble opinion

  2. Nice find! Don't you just love TJ Maxx?!? I stopped by the one near my office yesterday, looking for those English tea tins I decided I needed to have after all, lol - without success, unfortunately. But I did pick up a cute Rose of England mug that said "Where There Is Tea There Is Hope." (So true!) You can always count on TJ Maxx to have some nifty tea-related stuff! :-)

  3. Cute mug. Mugs are the best for holding pens and pencils.

  4. That's too cute, Angela - you find the neatest things! I saw some large, oversized tea cups & tea pots, for the garden, at WalMart's outdoor shop, they were very colorful. Thanks for sharing,


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