Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Royal Albert's Petit Point China

Do you have any teawares on your wish list? One design I have long wanted was Royal Albert's "Petit Point China" pattern cup and saucer. I think perhaps it's because I am a former cross-stitcher and needlepointer that I have always loved this pattern, simply because you could indeed use it as a stitchery pattern if you so desired. However, this cup and saucer always seemed to run about $30 to $40 when I'd come across it, and I knew I could do better if I waited.

When I was out antiquing with my mom over the weekend, we went to an antique mall in Marietta and I saw some pretty teacups. There was a lovely pink Royal Albert pattern I'd not seen before, but it was $28, as were all the other teacups near it. And then I spied the Petit Point China set. Would it be $28 too? No, it was actually $12. I wondered why. Nothing was wrong with it. I did my old trick of looking away from the cup and saucer while running my finger around the rim and base of the cup and the rim of the saucer. (You're more likely to "feel" a chip before you see it, so I always do that test when buying cups and saucers.) It was perfect!

I got to the counter and realized they were having a special Fourth of July promotion where you selected a red, white and blue ribbon that was hiding a special discount. Mine was 20 percent, so the new cup and saucer cost me just $9.60. Not bad! (And interestingly enough, the set does seem to feature the colors red, white and blue pretty prominently.)

And I do have a matching piece, a beautiful little scalloped dish that was a gift from a friend. The eBay prices for other pieces in this pattern aren't bad, but the shipping definitely ruins the bargains, so I may just have to continue my strategy of wishing, waiting and watching!


  1. I love hearing about the good deals that you find. I am a bargain hunter myself and appreciate the "thrill of the chase." your cup and saucer are lovely and I adore that little dish!

  2. I did a lot of cross stitching at one time. I'm not familiar with this pattern, but it's very pretty. I like your matching dish, too.

  3. That is a pretty pattern. I like the look of the aida cloth background with the rose design. That was a great bargain too.

    The matching scalloped dish is very pretty too - I love its shape.

  4. What a lovely, dainty china pattern !
    With good eyesight one could almost
    chart the pattern to cross stitch

  5. I have always been attracted to this pattern too. In the same way as I use to embroider alot. What a great bargain too! Lucky you!

  6. What a pretty pattern - it certainly does look like cross stitch. Great find, Angela - you have much patience and a great 'shopper's eye,' too! Hope you had a nice holiday, Joanie

  7. What a great bargain! You are the queen of good deals.

  8. Well done! You certainly discovered a great bargain. I live in the UK the home of Royal Albert and it's amazing how it is possible to see the odd Petit Point cup and saucer in small antique shops let alone on eBay. Before my dear father died, he bought me the entire and complete 12-place dinner, tea and coffee services and I added all the 'bits and pieces' afterwards and now have everything Royal Albert ever produced in this pattern. I note from one US replacement site that by using odd plates, cups and saucers, etc., several other items have been made up which, allegedly, are Royal Albert: they're not - they are simply constructed pieces made from original bits of Petit Point. This is a shame as the results are clumsy and unattractive. I see on the eBay Canadian site that there are still many Petit Point pieces which, although expensive, would have thought (even with tax) that those living in the United States might well find easier to obtain than spending $s in postage and packing from the United Kingdom. Good hunting and enjoy this pretty pattern.

  9. I was lucky enough to inherit my Grandmother's whole collection of Petit Point China, including serving bowls, platters, tea pot, salt and pepper....I love it

  10. I am so excited to have been given a set of Petit Point cups saucers and two, whast seem to be cookie plates.


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