Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dorothy Bauer Tea Table Pin

Just when I think I've found the coolest piece of tea jewelry ever, along comes something new that just shoots past all the others! That's certainly how I felt when I came across this pin on eBay not long ago. It stands a little over 2 inches tall, and even though it's all rhinestones, I've worn it a couple of times already with "everyday" outfits and it worked just fine. (And it got compliments both times!)

Here's a close-up of the top of the tea table, and you can see where it's cleverly marked by the designer, Dorothy Bauer.

The back of the pin shows the incredible work that went into this piece. Her designs can be found at a lot of online sources, but I think I can safely say I have already found my favorite Bauer piece!


  1. Wow! What a find. Definitely would be a conversation piece when worn. Beautiful.

  2. You always find the absolutely neatest stuff! Enjoy!

  3. Yes that is certainly darling!

  4. This certainly is a very unique piece of tea jewelry.

  5. Oh Angela, I love this pin! It's a very neat design and I love the use of black, it's so dramatic. You (know) you have a great 'Artist's Eye' for discovering all things wonderful - and you take the time to share your finds with us! Thanks for sharing, Joanie

  6. Joey says...
    Just purchased this pin but where the colors are clear, mine are red and the black is clear. Striking and fun.


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