Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Welcome to 2008!

Happy New Year, fellow tea lovers! I'll bet some of you, like me, received the Collectible Teapot & Tea Calendar as a Christmas gift. I'm so glad I did (thank you, friend Deberah). Last year I went with a quilt calendar, and though I'm still crazy about quilting, I missed having a tea-themed calendar. Did any of you receive this or any other tea calendar for Christmas?

This year, before I even hung the calendar at work I actually sat down and read all the text. As always, I learned a few things I didn't know before and saw a few teawares I'd never seen before. (We were especially charmed by the red teapot commissioned for tea dances at the Savoy in London.) And if this calendar ever came with postcards before I don't remember it, but I am sure happy to have the extra treat!

I am just nuts about calendars, planners and journals (I'd be embarrassed for you to know how many different ones I keep), but I will say that in addition to a pretty new teapot calendar, I have an especially lovely "creativity calendar" for the year. From some genius designers at Andrews McMeel, this calendar is fashioned in the style of the old-fashioned ledger books, and even the endpapers are perfectly lovely. This is where I plan to track my novel-writing and crafting (and blogging!) ideas and progress for the year. I got my copy at Books a Million, but I saw several of them (now half-price) at Borders, if any of you care to look for one like it. You might even find a Teapot Calendar, too!


  1. What a fabulous time of the year to have found your blog! In March, I am hosting a luncheon tea for a friend's birthday and last night I found myself on the internet looking for the perfect favors and accompaniments to make this tea uniquely hers and I stumbled across your blog. How fortunate!!! Needless to say, I spent the remainder of 2007 reading past posts and I am absolutely enchanted. I am saddened to think I must now read them only one day at a time. (This is similar to the feeling I get when I finish the latest book of a series that I discovered after many books were published.) I wish to share you with the world but, as of yet, have only shared with one friend. It is not that I am as enthralled with everything tea as you are, but possibly it could be a latent "addiction" My mother started teas (I am 43) and my sister and I learned from the best. We only have a few luncheon teas a year but they can be quite time consuming and expensive. I love the way you have made them so "everyday". I have never read blogs as I don't usually enjoy them but yours is so interesting and well written. Thank you for my New Year's eve entertainment! My husband just laughed at me! I look forward to spending the year with you. God bless!

  2. beautiful calendar!
    I love planners and such, as well...I need to get one soon, as a mater of fact.

  3. What a nice comment to start the year off with, Gerri! So glad you found us, and hopefully you'll find some tidbits to aid in your "tea life" throughout the year. And Marye, I was in a Borders yesterday and they still had quite a few of these desk calendars half-off. (If you don't mind living dangerously, they'll probably be 75% off in a few days!)

  4. Lovely items! I didn't get that calendar this year (I have a lovely flower one), but I think I will be missing it!


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