Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Some new tea from Teavana

The week before Christmas, I had an interesting tea shopping experience at a Teavana store in Atlanta. A not very orderly line had formed, workers behind the counter were madly packaging teas for shipment, and the lone young man working the counter was juggling customers left and right. Alas, this was the evening I'd chosen to gather a variety of bags of tea as treats for my co-workers, so I settled in for a wait. I got one of the store's catalogs and began circling the teas I wanted, some nine in all, so I'd at least have my order ready when it was my turn.

Imagine my surprise when the guy asked for the entire list of teas I wanted, merely nodded at each name, then proceeded to pull them all down from their tins, package and label them, and got it all entirely right. This was rather a fascinating thing to watch.

In addition to some plain mate for my husband to use in his mate gourd (he said the mate vana wasn't manly enough), and the teas for my friends, I got some Key Lime Rooibos, which is as pretty in the spoon as it is flavorful in the cup. Oh! And one other curious thing about Teavana: A woman came in wanting a cup of tea, but the guy told her they weren't serving tea until after Christmas because of how busy they were with sales. Question: If you're too busy to serve tea at your tea shop, are you perhaps TOO busy? At any rate, I am enjoying my tea and have always had a good experience with this tea vendor.


  1. I had the chance to visit the Teavana in Water Tower Place (Chicago) in October. It was wonderful - such a lovely place to browse and dream. They are master retailers, for sure.

  2. I love the almond biscotti flavored back tea. It is the perfect dessert tea.


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