Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cute new tea glasses

One of the wonderful things about blogging, say the experts, is that a blog is a dialogue and not a monologue. I wholeheartedly agree. As a blog writer, I have to say I greatly enjoy the feedback I get from readers. You've shared recipes and cooking tips, bits of history, recommendations for tea, and all kinds of things that make this blog far more lively than it would ever, ever be if yours truly were the only one "talking" all the time.

That said, I have to tell you how grateful I am that a reader and friend of this blog, Tea Lover Denise, e-mailed last week with the most wonderful thing she'd found and wanted to share with me. She was searching for "tea glasses" on eBay and came across these adorable pink reading glasses. They're a Mary Engelbreit design and feature tiny little teacups on the glasses and case. The seller, who has a store called Crafty Lady, was exceptional, sending out my 2.0 strength glasses (just $9.25 plus some very inexpensive shipping) immediately. I simply love them!

I wear contacts during the day, but now my 43-year-old eyeballs require reading glasses for doing needlework in the evening, like these two Cathedral Window blocks I made last night. I will NOT age before my time, so I'm big into the cutesy reading glasses. I have some plain pink ones, some "smart girl" teal ones, some black Brighton ones, some burgundy floral ones ... and now, some pink teacup reading glasses. Thank you, Denise!


  1. Those tea glasses are so cute. I'm not surprised that Mary Englebreit designed them. I love her stuff! She designed some teapot fabrics a while ago that were great for making small gifts for tea enthusiasts. Wish I could get a pair of tea reading glasses, but sadly, I can't wear contacts.

  2. Angela,

    Looks like I am going shopping again!!! Thanks!
    By the way, your tea this past weekend looks like it was delicious to eat as well as to look at ;)

    Happy Tea-ing

  3. I'm a Pink Hat in the Red Hat Society...and I really like those glasses as they would fit in with my outfits
    I came across your blog this morning and have enjoyed reading through it this evening.

    I'm new to the world of tea. But I really love it!
    Question: You made reference to some tea's being past their prime. How do you know this if there is not a date on it anywhere? Is the taste different? How would I know being a new taster?
    I've got some boxes that are over a year old. Is there an age limit?

    I can't wait until the next time I'm in Destin Florida to go down to Sandestin and visit Magnolia & Ivy's it sounds like a wonderful place!

    Just love your blog we have so much in common, with our love of Tea Time Magazine and I've even got the same 2008 Teapot Calender... my email is available in my profile, if you would like to write to me.


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