Monday, January 14, 2008

Bargain tea and teawares

I come from a long line of bargain-hunters, and our family stories are likely to swirl around, for instance, those sterling silver candlesticks grandmother found for $1 and sold for $100. We all love to scour thrift stores and yard sales, and we all have lots of stories about the great buys nabbed over the years. This weekend, I visited my mom and she sent me away with a new set of glass tumblers with a rose design (thrift store, $2.50) and a box of Gingerbread Spice Tea from Celestial Seasonings (CVS, 28 cents). She said Christmas items were 90 percent off last week, so I will be paying a visit to the store later today.

Perhaps you've heard about the CVS store and its Extra Bucks program? My sister is one of those savvy shoppers who works the system and ends up going into CVS and leaving with $50 worth of items that cost her something like 67 cents. Last time we talked, she had used extra coupons for some batteries and it somehow resulted in CVS giving her the batteries AND money back, so essentially they paid her to take them. I love that!

The CVS bargain Gingerbread Tea is going with me to the office today. The tumblers got me to thinking: Wouldn't those be pretty on a "garden party" tea table in the Spring? We actually have a chance of "frozen precip" in the forecast for this week, so naturally I am mentally hosting a garden party out on the deck. But whether it's warm or cool outside, it's always a good time for tea!


  1. I am curious as to whether your sister is familiar with Refunding Makes Cents. There is both a magazine and a members only website. It is inexpensive to join the website and she would reap many times the value in ideas, trades etc. I am not affiliated in any way with RMC. It is just a great place to meet others who practically save money for a living!

  2. Love those stories about finding bargains! Sounds right up my alley.

  3. We ALL love a good deal don't we?
    Joyce M.


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