Monday, April 26, 2021

A thrifted teapot and tea pitcher

Even when thrifting, I normally stick with my traditional floral teapots, but this whimsical one caught my eye at Goodwill recently. I've met four new little girls in my neighborhood in the past few months, now that the neighbors are all walking close enough to chat with each other again, so I'm loosely keeping in mind that if we get to know each other better, I may need to have a tea party for the girls one day. And this is the kind of thing I wouldn't hesitate to use on a table outdoors!

The teacup is missing a handle, but the rest of it rather makes up for that.

And the price was right!

The same day I found that teapot, I found another piece, a medium-sized enamelware pitcher in pristine condition, which I thought I recognized as Mackenzie-Childs. I turned it over and sure enough, it was, and it still had the original stickers. Goodwill wanted $5.99 for it, and since it currently sells for considerably more than that here, I decided to splurge. (By thrift store standards, I mean.)

I'm no floral arranger, but I think any old roses plopped in a pitcher are pretty, so I was happy to find this one!



  1. What a beautiful bargain!! Unbelievable. Good for you!

  2. You always find the best bargains! Beautiful! Well done Angela!

  3. That teapot is darling and is perfect for a little girls' tea party. And the MK pitcher is a real find! Good for you.

    1. That was supposed to say "MC" for Mackenzie-Childs.

  4. I have that same teapot, my daughter gifted it to me one year for Mother's Day with flowers in it, it was so lovely. I still have it:)

  5. I especially love the tiny bluebird perching on the little teapot's handle!

  6. What a pretty pitcher. I love pitcher with flowers plopped in them too.
    Have fun serving tea to your girls in the neighborhood. What fun that will be when you can do it.

  7. I love that tea pot. I found a beautiful Mackenzie-Childs bread box at a yard sale for $1.00.

  8. That pitcher is so pretty and a great find. There are three little girls in my neighborhood and I have had several tea parties for them. They look forward to coming for tea and getting all dressed up in cute little dresses and hats! Fun times and great memories!

  9. Great finds. I hope you will be able to have an outdoor tea party.

  10. Great finds.
    Having a tea party for little girls would be fun for all.
    Wonderful MacKenzie-Childs find, too.
    Nancy Carr

  11. WOW! That MC find is incredible. I have bought and sold a few MC pieces over the years for a tremendous profit on ebay. That's a true beauty.

    I used to have that very teapot - I used it as a centerpiece once for a teaparty but it has long since been sold. I loved it so much because of the bird on it ( you know me) and have more than a few times thought of it and wished I had kept it.

    Well done, Angela. And I ADORE the idea of your hosting a tea for your young friends. These gals won't believe how it will change their lives.

    Good health to you. Hugs.

  12. Great eye! What a bargain! Love the tea party idea and that sweet little whimsy teapot!

  13. Great thrift finds! Beautiful addition to your decor.


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