Wednesday, April 21, 2021

A sweet new mango tea

I cannot pass by a mango or peach tea if it's one I haven't tried before, and I recently found a new mango-flavored herbal tea that was the next best thing to having a sweet, juicy mango right in front of me!

Alex and I made a trip over to Sprouts grocery store in Peachtree City, and this Good Earth Tropical Mango & Moringa herbal tea was calling my name.

The blend inside the silken tea bags even *looks* fruity, doesn't it? I found it interesting that while this tea is categorized as an herbal tea, the ingredients include green tea. The ingredients are "Apple, Carrot, Sweet Blackberry Leaves, Moringa, Red Rose Petals, Green Tea, Natural Flavoring, Mango Pieces." I had to look up info on the moringa plant, which has lots of medicinal uses, but of course it was the word "mango" on the box that sold me on this tea, and while I've been enjoying it as a hot tea, I'm sure it would be good iced as well. Do you drink your teas both hot and iced? Especially when the weather warms up, I do!



  1. That sounds yummy! I used to drink a Good Earth tea, (Sweet and Spicy, maybe? Not sure of the name) but haven't seen it in a long time. Moringa is new to me, too, but I'd be willing to try it.

  2. I'm glad you liked this new mango tea! Since I do not care for mangoes, this is one tea I wouldn't try. The idea of having carrots in it is also unappealing to me. But to each her own! I rarely make iced tea, even in the summer. I continue to drink hot tea throughout the summer, thanks to air conditioning.

  3. Yes I drink my teas both ways. That’s a pretty tea. I wonder if mango is the trendy flavor of summer? I see Pepsi has a mango flavor.

  4. Yes, I drink both when the weather warms up. Often I make an extra large pot of tea in the morning then chill what I don't drink for breakfast for later in the day.


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