Friday, February 7, 2020

The Upton Tea Quarterly's article contest winners

So apparently the Upton Tea Company decided to celebrate its 30th anniversary by, among other things, hosting an article contest. I'm hitting myself upside the head for not keeping up with Upton news, because I would dearly have loved to enter their contest. That said, I so loved all three of the winning articles that I can't think of what I could possibly have written to top them, and I salute all three. It was delightful to come across some new writers who obviously share my (and your) affection for teatime. And since I'm a happy customer of Upton Tea, I share many of the writers' sentiments about tea and about this tea company.

Are you up for a little teatime reading this weekend?


  1. I can't read them right now (I'm at work) but I will read and enjoy this weekend. I'm sure you'd have done well in this contest, too.

  2. Thanks for letting us know about these articles! I will definitely read them.

  3. Very Nice Blog And Beautiful Execution. Thank You...

  4. What a fun contest. This definitely would be up your alley.


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