Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Friendship and a taste of pumpkin spice rooibos

Last week, two of my oldest, dearest friends traveled to downtown Newnan to meet me for lunch and an afternoon of shopping. Patty, Monicha, and I attended elementary school, junior high, and high school together. Patty and I even went to the same college, and all three of us are happy to have stayed in touch and plan even more outings together. Here we are at one of the local shops, and the shopkeeper graciously took a photo of us with this sign, which I thought was absolutely splendid advice, especially considering these two ladies I am blessed to count among my lifelong friends. 

One of the stores we browsed in was Downtown Olive & Kitchen Supply Co., and to my delight, they had prepackaged bags of loose tea for sale.

It's funny, but when I last worked downtown six years ago, I felt I had practically memorized the inventory of most of the downtown stores since I often shopped on my lunch hour. Now that I work from home, I feel as if I'm rediscovering my town's downtown, and I was happy to share it with my friends.

And the Pumpkin Spice Tea is as yummy as I knew it would be with honeybush tea, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cocoa nibs, natural pumpkin spice flavor, and safflower. It's definitely got more spice and more kick than the pumpkin spice teas I usually sip, and what a wonderful reminder of my delightful afternoon with friends. (And if you're local, you may want to check out their teas the next time you're downtown!)


  1. What fun to spend the time with long-time friends. And to find some new tea to try, is an added bonus. That blend sounds delicious, enjoy it!

  2. (I thought you might enjoy these photos, if you haven't already seen them.)

  3. Browsing in a kitchen supply store with old friends sure sounds great to me! I'm glad you had a nice time and found some good tea, too.


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