Monday, December 10, 2018

The tea-themed tree, 2018 edition

Earlier this year, my friend Carole Ann gave me a couple of these tipping teapot ornaments that appear to be magically pouring tea, and I am so happy to have them on my tree this year. In fact, as I was putting up the tree last weekend, it dawned on me that this tree is rich in memories and friendship, and that's probably why I enjoy it so much. The smallish (six-foot) white tree I bought last year was a hit with my husband, so I decided to decorate the same tree again this year.

Two of my most treasured ornaments: tea-themed ornaments lovingly handmade and gifted to me by thoughtful friends. Tiny gold charms are on both and always make me smile when I pull them out!

A souvenir of a long-past December trip with Alex. 

Another treasured gift from a friend, which I take as a reminder that I, too, am to be "steeped in tranquility" at Christmas, not running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

A local shop owner gave me this ornament years ago. Kind of makes me want to do an all-blue-and-white tree one day. Hmmm …  

Another treasured handmade ornament, this one from Texas!

A tea-loving Madame Alexander doll who came to me from Hawaii.
Together, they all make me so, so happy!

I also decided it was time to get a few presents under the tree, so I pulled out the vintage-look gift wrap I've been gathering for the past two years. It reminded me of a cautionary tale from last year …

Note how the gift wrap has a To/From label printed as part of the design (see center of photo). Well, last year I decided I would just write on the paper instead of applying labels. But no one in my family (except me) knew to look for the handwriting, so it probably took us thirty extra minutes on Christmas Day to hand out all the presents since everyone was trying to figure out whose package was whose!

So it's back to labels this year.

And of course I don't have to tell you, dear reader, how I reward myself following an afternoon of wrapping gifts!


  1. Just beautiful!! One year I didn’t put labels on at all. Everyone opened a present at once then had to figure out who it was for. I thought it was great fun, unfortunately, no one else did! Ha!

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    2. You clearly share my (warped) sense of humor, Frances, because I would have enjoyed that!

  2. What a beautiful tree full of memories. I love the wrapping paper too. Merry Christmas.

  3. A beautiful tree... filled with all your special memories of Christmas past and present.

  4. Your "tea tree" is so pretty! I particularly like the little Madame Alexander doll with her teapot. And the vintage wrapping paper is really neat!

  5. Love your tree! I don't think I have enough tea related ornaments to cover a whole tree, but like your own, the ones I have are special to me and will make an appearance before much longer...I hope.

  6. Love the cup your reward is in. And your tea themed tree is just beautiful. I thought I had given away many of my tea themed ornaments, so was happy to find I still have a few to put on a little tree. Love that pouring teapot ornament too.

  7. Beautiful tree. Love your wrapping paper.


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